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    Alicia Keys Performing On Two Pianos At The Same Time Was A Grammy's Highlight

    Quadruple threat.

    ICYMI, Alicia Keys was the host of the Grammy’s this year.

    But that's not it. She also treated the audience to a surprise, low-key yet extraordinary performance while casually playing on two, yes, two pianos instead of one.

    Everyone was blown away. Her playing and singing were (as always) flawless. Now nobody can stop talking about it.

    Alicia Keys plays two pianos at once! #grammys @CBSThisMorning

    Alicia even got her own instantaneous drawing from cartoonist Liza Donnelly.

    This performance was also said to be the top talking point on Facebook during the Grammy's, according to Billboard.

    No big deal... @aliciakeys just casually played two pianos at once 👏🎹 #GRAMMYs

    Alicia's reps said this performance was an homage to pioneering pianist, Hazel Scott.

    Alicia Keys with the Hazel Scott homage! Playing two pianos at once. Black History month might be back on track. #GRAMMYs

    Alicia's performance is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about moments of the Grammy's.

    This Grammy performance of Alicia Keys was amazing. Singing on two pianos, her voice is timeless. Only Alicia Keys does it like Alicia Keys. 💯 @aliciakeys

    It truly was the highlight of the night for many music-lovers.

    If the #GRAMMYs was just Alicia Keys doing a musical medley on two pianos, it would be the best awards show ever.

    I mean, you can't argue with greatness.

    Alicia Keys playing two pianos at once? She IS that bitch.

    Brava, Alicia. Brava!

    when Alicia Keys started playing two pianos at once