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    A Man Pulled Out A 5-Foot Tapeworm From His Body And OMFG


    Hold on to your stomachs guys, because this one is a doozy.

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    Ok, are you ready? A man in California recently discovered a 5-foot 6-inch tapeworm living in his body.

    Bravo / Via

    That's right. A man (who has not been identified) reportedly went to the emergency room in Fresno, California, complaining of diarrhea and abdominal pain, which apparently turned out to be much more. A tapeworm.

    Five-foot long tapeworm came 'wiggling out' out of man's body after he ate sushi

    The patient told the ER physician at the Community Regional Medical Center about the worm. When the doctor became skeptical, the man presented him with the evidence.

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    You guys, he had the tapeworm wrapped around a toilet paper roll to show the doctor. It was wrapped around at least eight times.

    This was all retold on a recent episode of the podcast “This Won’t Hurt a Bit” by Dr. Bahn.

    Dr. Kenny Banh, ”This Won't Hurt A Bit”

    Dr. Bahn said, “He grabs it, and he pulls on it, and it keeps coming out. He picks it up and looks at it. And what does it do? It starts moving.”

    POST MAN / Via

    It's still not clear how the man got the tapeworm. He told the doctor he hadn't traveled outside of the country. He did, however, admit to eating raw salmon sashimi on the daily.

    He was given medication to help remove the rest of the tapeworm from his body, but it appears this tapeworm has not deterred him from enjoying his daily sushi.

    Shalita Grant / Via

    Why? The sushi lover told the doc he would continue to eat sushi, but may think twice about the raw salmon. Wait. What?!?

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