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    A Dozen Adorable Corgis Will Greet You At The 'Corgi In The Garden' Café

    Must love dogs. ☕️

    What’s a girl to do when your five pet Corgis become a pack of 12?

    Well, for Tanchanok Kanawaong, the answer was to open a café in Bangkok, Thailand, and make them the stars of the place.

    And that’s exactly what she did with “Corgi in the Garden” where the dozen Corgis happily rush to greet their customers. Awww!

    Look! Here's a picture with eight of the Corgis with names like Blossom, Porkchop, Bone, Dean, Bluebell, Butter, Quinn, and Barley.

    They sell drinks like a matcha latte, which is highly recommended.

    What a great sight to see as you're coming in to the café, amirite?

    It’s no surprise to hear that the café has become a hit among both locals and tourists.

    Instagram: @corgiinthegarden / Via Instagram: @corgiinthegarden

    Tanchanok has told Bored Panda she’s a huge fan of this breed because Corgis are “lovable and funny.”

    The dogs are actually trained by a professional trainer. The pooches even perform tricks for the customers like shaking hands.

    And by the looks of it, there’s also plenty of belly rubs and nice long cuddles from the dog-loving customers.

    Instagram: @corgiinthegarden / Via Instagram: @corgiinthegarden

    Look at this guy! Absolutely no shame.

    “Corgi in the Garden” does not accept reservations, so if you want to frolic with the Corgis, it’s first-come, first-served to walk-in customers only.

    Now, do you think we can get this trend to go international?

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