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    13 Of The Funniest Reactions To The New, Thicker Snapchat Logo

    You've changed.

    Have you noticed something new about Snapchat?

    what did i just witness #snapchatlogo

    That's right! They've updated their logo. Now it's a bit, shall we say, thicker?

    What’s happened to the #snapchatlogo ???? 😳😳

    Let's just say that people do not know how to feel about this sudden change.

    the slight difference in the outline is uncomfortable #snapchatlogo

    Tbh, the reactions to this "boldness" have been hilariously dramatic.

    Not gonna lie, saw the new #snapchatlogo and I thought I was having a stroke.

    No, seriously. Look at this one:

    Snapchat’s new logo has me like... #snapchatlogo

    Can images have fonts?

    I didn’t think it was possible for an image to be in comic sans but here we are #snapchatlogo

    And now we're applying body standards to apps. LOL!

    Perhaps Snapchat is now wearing makeup?

    Okay so I guess Snapchat's gonna be wearing eyeliner now. #snapchatlogo

    Might it be a cry for help?

    somebody seems real desperate for attention #snapchatlogo

    Whatever it is, people are concerned.

    Is snapchat on drugs? #snapchatlogo

    And are not being shy when it comes to voicing their strong disapproval of this this design change.

    Idk who the fuck @Snapchat thinks they are, but this is unacceptable. #snapchatlogo

    The people want answers.

    Sooo is Snapchat just ~not~ going to say anything about outlining their ghost in WAY too thick of a stroke or ? #snapchatlogo @Snapchat

    So, what's your take? Yay or nay?

    You vs. The guy she tells not to worry about. #snapchatlogo

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