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Cory Bernardi Accidentally Ended Up In A Marriage Equality Photo And His Reaction Was Priceless

"It's not contagious Cory!"

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Conservative senator Cory Bernardi became an unlikely ally of the "yes" campaign when he accidentally gatecrashed a photoshoot by Labor politicians.


Bernardi accidentally walked through the marriage equality photo of Western Australia Labor politicians wearing rainbow "It's Time" shirts in Parliament House on Monday night.

"You couldn't write this stuff," Labor politician Dr Anne Aly told BuzzFeed News.

"It was one of those moments in life when the timing is so perfect."

Bernardi is firmly against legalising same-sex marriage and is campaigning for the "no" camp in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

He thinks gay marriage as a "rainbow Trojan horse” and could lead to a slippery slope that could lead to bestiality.

Labor invited Bernardi to join them in showing support for the "yes" campaign in the postal survey.

"Somebody yelled at him: 'It's not contagious Cory, you can come join us!'," Aly said.

But Bernardi declined the invitation and instead covered his face.

Bernardi tweeted that he has "always been one to run the gauntlet", adding, "although they kept calling me to come back!".

@mattkeogh @walabor @MadeleineMHKing @TimHammond1 @Louise_Pratt @linessue @GlennSterle @JoshWilsonMP Always been on…

Needless to say, when BuzzFeed News tweeted the photo of Bernardi, the internet lost its collective shit.

@workmanalice @stephwhite12 "THE RAINBOWS!!! THEY BURN!!!!" oh my god I am still laughing.


@workmanalice Don't look at meeeee!!!

@workmanalice @stilgherrian "I'm melting...meeeeellllttttiiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!"

@workmanalice No it ws just another white man trying to dab...


@workmanalice Poor Cory. He looks like he's frantically trying to wipe of any "gay" germs that may have landed on his suit.

@workmanalice It's like watching the evil villain stumble away from a Care Bear stare.


@workmanalice I think he needs a large crucifix and a garland of garlic.

@workmanalice Saw this on a Simpsons facebook page, you've started a new meme

@workmanalice Moments later.....

@workmanalice @rabbitandcoffee Maybe it's more a case of parapraxis, than anything else. Maybe Cory, in his heart o…

Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

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