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This Female Politician Was Just Asked About Her Outfit And GTFO It's 2017

Would you ask a man?

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Meet Jacinda Ardern. She's the 37-year-old leader of New Zealand's Labour Party.

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Three weeks ago she became leader, after her predecessor Andrew Little quit ahead of what was looming as a massive defeat in NZ's national election on September 23.

Since Ardern took the top job, Labour has surged 13 points in the polls, and she has the same preferred prime minister rating as current PM, the National's Bill English (30%).

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Now, you may have also noticed that Ardern is a woman.

Despite being the country's youngest ever opposition leader, and the main reason Labour is a serious contender in this election...the media KEEPS asking her questions they absolutely would not ask a man in her position.

And yes, we have the receipts.

Hours after becoming leader she was asked by a male journalist whether she had decided to sacrifice having a family to focus on her career.

Fucking hell....I can not believe they actually asked this question. How many male candidates do they ask this ques…

On her second day in the top job she was asked whether or not she planned to get pregnant, because the male radio host said New Zealanders had a right to know.

In her second week in the job, she was asked by a male politician to prove she wasn't just "lipstick on a pig". The pig here being the NZ Labour party.

@jordan09365341 Sure but it's pathetic isn't it?All that matters is policy.Jacinda should be required to show she's…

And this morning she was asked by radio host Mike Hosking what outfit she plans to wear to tonight's leaders' debate.

NewsTalk ZB

After some friendly banter, Ardern asked if the same question would be put to her male debate opponent, prime minister Bill English.

NewsTalk ZB

Ardern said she wanted the question to English framed in exactly the same way it was put to her.

NewsTalk ZB

In case you were wondering, English was later asked by journalists what he would be wearing to the debate. Apparently it's a suit and a new tie. Whoopee.


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