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17 Photos Of People Realising "Jacindamania" Wasn't Going To Happen

There's still no result in New Zealand's national election.

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Within hours of polls closing in New Zealand's national election, it became clear that 37-year-old Labour leader Jacinda Ardern wouldn't been sweeping to victory in a wave of "Jacindamania" as some had predicted.

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With 98.9% of the vote counted on Saturday night, New Zealand's ruling National party has won 46% of the vote to Labour’s 35.8%.

Neither will secure enough seats needed to form government outright, so will need to form a Coalition government with help from a minor party.

New Zealand First look likely to hold the balance of power, but party leader Winston Peters warned it may be some time before he decides who to support.

BuzzFeed News was at Labour HQ as party loyalists slowly realised the results weren't going the way they had hoped, as a final result may be weeks away.


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