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The 23 Cutest Animals Of The Election Campaign So Far

It's ruff out there on the hustings.

23. This legend in a t.


Hounding people to vote for Liberal assistant health minister Ken Wyatt.

22. Two-and-half-year-old Splinter the rat.

Cong-rat-ulating himself on surviving the media onslaught of Malcolm Turnbull's campaign.

21. Phil the Stanmore puppy.

With @fawcettanne and Phil supporting the independent office of animal welfare at Stanmore Station ping @fitzhunter

That's enough Anthony Albanese, you kennel move on now.

20. A Queensland koala.


She's got all the koalifications to make it in Canberra!

19. Agile students at the school for guide dogs.

18. These laboradorable guide dogs on their morning tea break.

17. A giant earthworm in Gippsland.

Well done @abcgippsland on giant earthworm yarn @lucybarbour @rharris334 @srpeatling @workmanalice #bigthings

Helping Nationals infrastructure minister Darren Chester worm his way into the nation's hearts.

16. Brisbane instagram star Rosalita.

15. This adorable baby Southern Bush Tail Wallaby.

Sat next to the smallest passenger on board @Qantas today. A baby Sthn Brush Tail wallaby part of AdelaideZoo clinic

Making Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young say 'I wallaby like you'!

14. Tully and Charley

No doubt who was the top dog at the Wyong Milk Factory! Great to meet Tully the Irish wolfhound & his friend Charley

Two subwoofers are the prime minister's favourite party trick.

13. Bunnies saved from cosmetic testing!


It's nice to know Liberal MPs Jason Wood and Ken Wyatt carrot all.

12. Doggie paddle off Queensland.


With Liberal assistant immigration minister Wyatt Roy.

11. This endangered Tasmanian Devil.

Briefing on endangered species and Tasmanian fauna #Launceston #DipCorpsTas2016

Liberal foreign minister Julie Bishop knows what they say about idle hands.

10. Dogs in jumpers.

Every man and his dog is out with the McEwen team out today talking Medicare with the Gisborne community #auspol

Helping Labor MP Rob Mitchell get an impRUFFment in the polls.

9. Harry Templeton the rat.

Name change: Louis has renamed Harry Templeton, after the rat in Charlotte's Web. Templeton now asleep in my pocket.

Adopted by Labor deputy Tanya Plibersek from The Chaser.

Wonder if this guy knows kaRATe?

8. Victorian kelpies.

Delighted to have a kelpie in my ear on the hustings today. "20th Casterton kelpie muster on the June long weekend."

Unleashing the Liberal minister for veterans' affairs Dan Tehan.

7. This snappy looking crocodile...


With investiGATOR Pauline Hanson.

6. Bulldogs Theodore and Matilda rounding up the positive policies.

BEST.BUS.GUESTS.EVER (Theodore and Matilda) ohh... And some bloke called Bill Shorten.

"Stop trying to make fetch happen Bill, it's not going to happen."

The campaign trail is ruff.


5. Feline good about the latest Newspoll.


Waiting for the next campaign catastrophe with Liberal employment minister Michaelia Cash.

4. Alpaca my bags for Canberra!

3. Albo's new puppy Toto.

Paws the puns, this dog is just really cute.

2. Frankie the sausage dog at a Nationals sausage sizzle.

I'm not sure you will get by on charm & good looks @DDrumMP But there's no doubt #frankiedrum can! #drummy4murray

Puns about sausage dogs are just the wurst.

Not sure about #frankiedrum eating profit from charity sausage sizzle #drummy4murray @KathSully @rharris334 #auspol

That moment you realise candidate's dog much cuter than candidate #frankiedrum #drummy4murray @rharris334 #auspol

1. And finally, Poppy the wombat.

Meet Poppy! Thanks to @Wildlife_vic for hosting @janet_rice and I to announce $2bn to protect our native wildlife

with Greens leader Richard di Natale.

Wombatulations! You made it to the end!