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Sky News Employs Tony Abbott's Former Spinner As Peta Credlin's Researcher

Team Abbott does the news.

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Credlin's nightly analysis is picking up daily media attention and is often driving the media cycle of this election campaign. Like, when she called Malcolm Turnbull "Mr Harbourside Mansion" after he cancelled a meet and greet with voters in Western Sydney.

Credlin: PM may be seen as 'Mr Harbourside Mansion' by western Sydney voters. #Ausvotes

"If it's known that you were going to do a street walk in Penrith, the last thing you want to do, 'Mr Harbourside Mansion', is look like you don't know and you're not welcome in Western Sydney," said Credlin.

The new nickname created two days worth of headlines, with Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and pretty much every other Liberal MP asked about her comments.

But Credlin isn't the only former staffer from the Abbott camp who has made the jump to TV.

Abbott has been strictly on message during the election campaign, expressing constant support for the PM.

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It's Abbott's former foot soldiers on Sky News who are lobbing all the hand grenades.

On Sunday, Abbott (who was interviewed on Sky News) said Credlin was "riveting viewing" and that she had "made some pretty powerful calls this week".

"[Credlin is a] very important and interesting commentator on this election".

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