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    Liberal MP Defends Comments Linking Homosexuality To Incest And Bestiality

    "If I find homosexuality gross, should it be illegal?"

    UPDATE FRIDAY 15:30 EDT: Nelson's boss, NSW state MP Kevin Conolly has defended the comments to his local paper.

    Facebook / Kevin Conolly

    “Mr Nelson has made the logical and unremarkable observation that proponents of changing the definition of marriage to include any two adults who love each other would have no rational basis on which to exclude two adult brothers or two adult sisters from that definition of 'marriage',” Connolly told the Rouse Hill Courier.

    The Western Sydney MP wouldn't answer BuzzFeed News' questions as to whether Nelson had breached the government's social media guidelines.

    EARLIER: Just weeks after NSW premier Mike Baird instructed staff to stop embarrassing him on social media, an MP's staffer has written a series of fiery Facebook posts comparing homosexuality to incest and bestiality.


    In the public posts, Edwin Nelson, who clearly identifies on his Facebook profile that he works as a NSW Parliament staffer for MP Kevin Conolly and is a member of the NSW Liberal Party, writes:

    "A quick question to all my left wing friends out there... is it wrong for two homosexual men who are brothers to sleep with eachother (sic)."

    He follows that statement up with:

    "If you answer no - then what would you say to two brothers and sisters sleeping with eachother (sic)."

    He asked friends, "if I find homosexuality gross, should it be illegal?"

    Nelson goes on to argue "homosexuality can have detrimental effects on others too when they adopt children", writing there's "no conclusive studies" that same sex couples adopting and raising children won't have an adverse affect on future generations.

    Facebook / Edwin Nelson

    Before it was deleted, the debate had attracted dozens of comments, with many fellow young liberals supporting Nelson and comparing homosexuality to bestiality.

    When asked if his account had been hacked, Nelson replied "no".

    He justified his comments by telling friends that homosexuality "is not as special as marriage" and supporting homosexual marriage is "left wing".

    "We have a plebiscite later this year... I intend for that plebiscite to be fought and won by those who believe in protecting marriage. Call this a training ground for arguments," he wrote.

    Nelson wrote he believes only a lifelong commitment where the children have both mother and father is "special" enough to "deserve the title of marriage" and that legalising same sex marriage will "have a bunch of unseen consequence".

    Nelson is a prominent member of the right faction of the NSW Young Liberals and at the time was the vice president of the Macquarie Uni Liberal Club.

    Facebook / Edwin Nelson

    In 2015 he ran against North Sydney MP Trent Zimmerman for state president of the Liberal party.

    Nelson tendered his resignation from the Macquarie Liberal Club, who late on Thursday released a statement on their Facebook page distancing themselves from his "inflammatory" comments.

    Facebook / MacqLiberals

    This post isn't a one-off. Nelson's page is full of anti-LGBT memes and he's shared transphobic pictures such as this on his personal page.

    Facebook / Edwin Nelson
    Facebook / Edwin Nelson

    He is a member of the "1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage" community on Facebook (which ironically has only 86,000 members), and has vowed to friends that same sex marriage won't be legalised if he has "anything to say about it".

    NSW Young Liberal President Alex Dore told BuzzFeed News "the posts are idiotic, illogical and totally unrepresentative of the NSW Young Liberals."

    Facebook / Edwin Nelson

    As of Thursday night, Nelson has deleted his Facebook page.

    It's expected the NSW State Executive will meet at the end of the month and reprimand Nelson.

    A senior young Liberal source told BuzzFeed News that Edwin Nelson and his hard right faction are "beyond a joke".

    "They are vitriolic and have gone as far as physically assaulting other Young Liberals. If ordinary YLs were able to vote to expel these bigots, they'd have been expelled years ago."

    Last year, a friend of Nelson's from the right was expelled from the party after a "push punch" incident at a young Liberal meeting.

    Another compared him to a "young Cory Bernardi" and said member of his own right faction were distancing themselves from him.

    The 27-year-old appears to be the third adviser in three months to break the NSW Government's social media guidelines.


    Earlier this month, NSW Premier Mike Baird issued a memo requesting staff to stop embarrassing themselves, him, the federal government, and Liberal party policy "at any level".

    It came after an adviser to treasurer Gladys Berejiklian left her job after she was photographed wearing a crude "Keep Sydney Open" t-shirt at a rally protesting Sydney's lockout laws - a policy supported by the Baird Government.

    Another staffer (this time for Industry, Resources and Energy Minister Anthony Roberts) also resigned after writing a Facebook post criticising Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's tax policy that read: "If the best idea you have is a new income tax, please return to the Labor Party. We can no longer be friends. Regards, Unimpressed Australians."

    Alex Greenwich the independent state MP for Sydney told BuzzFeed News he was disappointed with Nelson's comments, and they "are certainly not representative of my experience dealing with government MPs and staffers".

    Facebook / Alex Greenwich

    "The strong cross party support for LGBTI equality proves loud and clear that these sorts of comments are fast becoming a thing of the past," he said.