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Labor Lets Five-Year-Olds Create Their Latest TV Ad

Flowers, stars, hearts, nice words and la-la music.

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The Labor Party has crowdfunded thousands of dollars to run a TV ad created by the five-year-old daughter of senator Sam Dastyari, called "The Least Negative Ad Ever".

Labor Party

The 15-second ad was is the brainchild of five-year-old Hannah Dastyari and four-year-old Charlotte Jackson-Crosby (daughter of executive director of the McKell Institute Sam Crosby).

The girls came up with the ad after being shown the Liberals negative ads, which they described as "scary" with "bad music".

They wanted their ad to have "stars, flowers, love hearts, nice words and la-la music".

Labor is doing a last minute TV ad blitz, before the political advertising ban comes into effect at midnight on Wednesday.

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Both major parties have already splurged more than $6.5 million on TV advertising in the past eight weeks (Liberals $3,747,121, Labor $2,827,807).

Labor has emailed supporters asking for donations to make up its $13K short fall in advertising targets to get "The Least Negative Ad Ever" on TV on Wednesday.

"In the final 72 hours of this election, a quarter of voters will make up their mind. So together we can blast this contest wide open," assistant national secretary Paul Erickson urged supporters on Tuesday.

The party has raised enough to get the ad on daytime pay TV, and hopes to raise enough to get it on during more expensive prime time.

Labor is buying up TV ads at a cost of between $5,000 and $10,000 a pop, while the Liberal party is splurging thousands on cheaper FM radio ads.

Analysis from advertising monitoring firm Ebiquity has found that although the Liberal party is outspending the other parties on overall ad buy, Labor is running proportionally more negative ads.

Labor Party

Data from Ebiquity show political parties have spent:

Liberal positive ads: $2,552,956

Labor negative ads: $2,100,983

Liberal negative ads: $1,194,668

Labor positive ads: $726,824

Greens positive ads: $235,129

Greens negative ads: $66,388

74% of Labor's ads are negative, while 68% of the Liberals' have been positive.

The Liberal party’s most run ad has been the positive "Back the Plan". Labor’s is the "Seriously Out Of Touch" attack ad on Malcolm Turnbull.

Labor leader Bill Shorten wouldn't comment on the negative ads, instead saying he loved the TV ad created by the "two stars of this election campaign" - Hannah and Charlotte.

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"Who says five years olds can't make political ads", Sam Dastyari told BuzzFeed News.

Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

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