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    A Politician Gave The Most Epic Eyeroll When A Man Interrupted Her Pro-Abortion Rights Speech

    Eyeroll for days.

    An Australian politician had the perfect response to a male politician interrupting her pro-abortion rights speech - the most epic eyeroll you have ever seen.

    NSW Parliament

    Labor MP Trish Doyle gave a speech in favour of women's reproductive rights to New South Wales parliament on Wednesday.

    "I am pro-choice. I am a feminist, and I am here in this parliament to advance the cause of women," Doyle said.

    "I believe the woman herself is best placed to decide what is best for her."

    "She knows the circumstances of the pregnancy and understands what she needs. She is the one who best knows her own capacity to parent at a particular time and her personal circumstances."

    Doyle criticised the recently appointed minister for women Tanya Davis who identifies as "pro-life". Doyle questioned Davis's ability to make impartial decisions as the minister in charge of women's issues when she supported the restriction of women's freedom.

    "While [Davis] has a right to those beliefs, I believe the women of New South Wales are poorly served by them."

    But less than three minutes into Doyle's speech, she was interrupted by a male colleague, Nationals MP Stephen Bromhead.

    NSW Parliament

    Bromhead interjected to accuse Doyle of "attacking" Davis.

    However, his point of order didn't stop Doyle from making her views known.

    "Right now somewhere near a clinic where women are seeking medical advice or a termination – never an easy decision – a loud and invasive group of people will be waving placards and hurling abuse at those women, all the while describing themselves ‘pro-life’ … [it's] very much anti-choice and judgemental," she said.

    The self-described feminist and campaigner for reproductive rights called for the government to make it illegal for anti-abortion rights activists to harass and intimidate abortion clinic staff.

    "The workers who provide those support services and medical advice are constantly attacked, harassed, stalked, and interfered with by anti-choice activists," she said.

    "This is unacceptable and it should be made unlawful."

    NSW Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi has introduced a bill to parliament that would remove abortion from the state's criminal code and institute a 150-metre exclusion or “safe access” zones around abortion providers to protect patients against “ongoing harassment, abuse and intimidation” outside clinics.

    So here, please enjoy this video of Trish Doyle's epic eyeroll in all its glory.

    Heres the video of @Trish4BlueMtns's EPIC eye roll when a male National MP interrupted her pro-choice speech.