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Someone Created The Hashtag #CatsNotAtPollingStations Because Cats Felt Left Out On NZ Election Day

Sun's out, tongues out.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a polling station in possession of an election, must be in want of a good doggo.

Frankie enjoyed the queues at the polling booth #newfriends #DogsAtPollingStations @radionz

Around three million New Zealanders headed to the polls for their national election on Saturday, and THANK GOD they brought their pets with them.

Loki wanted to do his part for the #DogsAtPollingStations hashtag 🇳🇿🐾✌️

I mean, how cute is this little guy!

Rosie has exercised her franchise. #DogsAtPollingStations #Election2017

And this good boy Jupiter, who just loves democracy!

Jupiter has a brain the size of a planet and loves democracy and small children. #DogsAtPollingStations

This guy is voting for an unlimited supply of treats!

#TedtheMalshi is not happy with any party. Where is the policy to ensure him an unlimited supply of treats?…

Check out Pippa and Jax!

Pippa and Jax say go vote! #DogsAtPollingStations #decision17 @melable

What about Mickey!

Mickey does not mind a stroll to the polls. #DogsAtPollingStations @katenewtonnz

And little Charlie. What a good boy!

Charlie #DogsAtPollingStations

It's dogmocracy!

Who called it #DogsAtPollingStations and not #dogmocracy

But someone told cats they were missing out on all this election day fun, and frankly they weren't happy about it.

Off to vote! Maverick is a bit miffed he's not coming with me @katenewtonnz #catsnotatpollingstations

So someone created the hashtag #catsnotatpollingbooths to share their feline friends' fomo.

Piggly's set up a polling booth in our lounge #catsnotatpollingstations

Lotte was so excited she got up at 6am!

Lotte was so excited about democracy she woke us up at 6am and has been pacing the house in anticipation since…

Raoul wishes he could vote for the biscuits and naps party.

Raoul told me to vote for the biscuits and naps party. I did my best to accommodate his wishes.…

Eve & Izzy are literally on the bench over who should win.

A study in feline frenemies: Eve & Izzy. #catsnotatpollingstations #nzpol [Don't judge my weedy garden - trying to…

Nutmeg just loves ticking boxes.

Nutmeg's first election. Too easy, she reckons. #CatsNotAtPollingStations @katenewtonnz

Hello? Are you going to vote?

Zola’s looking out to see who’s still on their way to vote #catsnotatpollingstations

Some people decided to leave their mark on the polling booth, in homage to their cats stuck at home.

Did my bit at the polling booth today #catsnotatpollingstations

Ponky is just hoping for a CATastrophically good result.

Ponky is hoping for a CATastrophically good result #vote17 #catsnotatpollingstations

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