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Here's Everything We Know About The Government's $4 An Hour Internship

Newstart + Internship $ = less than minimum wage.

The government's plan to pay young people as little as $4 an hour to work in short-term internships has ruffled a few feathers.

Until last night the government thought young people would like its Youth Jobs PaTH policy because it would help them get "real jobs".

But unions don't agree. They've compared the PaTH internships to sweatshops.

"Paying young workers $4 per hour is not far above the rates in third world sweatshops – it's outrageous and it puts our entire wage system at risk," ACTU secretary Dave Oliver said.

To clarify: you get $4 an hour on top of your current welfare payment for the duration of your four to 12 week PaTH internship.

Malcolm gets $263.80 a week on Newstart and after six weeks of unemployment he decides to do a PaTH internship.

Even if you take into account the money received from Newstart (which is welfare, not a wage), young people on PaTH will still be getting up to $68.45 per week below the minimum wage for hours worked, with no casual loading, superannuation or penalty rates.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed criticism that the internship program is a "new slave trade".

"Since when did you need an internship to stack a supermarket shelf?" Labor's employment spokesman Brendan O'Connor told Buzzfeed News.

The government says the internship is "opt in", but the Greens are concerned that young people might not get a choice.