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Sarah Hanson-Young Wants You To Know She's Not Pauline Hanson's Daughter

"They come here to take over the country and turn us all into Muslims which is disgusting."

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One email from a One Nation supporter called "Rod" criticises Australia's immigration policy, saying we should be doing more to screen the people who move here.

"They come to scrounge they come here to take over the country and turn us all into Muslims which is disgusting unfortunately Mr Turnbull is to blind or to scared to stop them coming into the country Trump is saying stop Them Turnbull should say stop them but unfortunately he doesn't have any balls [sic]," he wrote.

" the Muslims get treated the same way even the scum that knife shoot and bomb people get pathetic jail time they either should be shot or deported immediately after all most of them have lived off the state for years why should that continue."

Rod compares Hanson's controversial first speech to UK politician Enoch Powell's 1968 "River of Blood" speech, which called for a stop to the country's annual 50,000 immigration intake.

His email finished by encouraging Hanson to stand her ground, saying, "you have the support of the majority of the country don't ever give up. I would like to say more but I think you will have plenty of mail to get to good luck and stay strong".

Hanson-Young been inundated with accidental support from the One Nation senator’s first speech, all with similar anti-Muslim sentiments, likely because of the two senators’ similar surnames.

For the record Pauline is not my mother, aunt or any relation.

Hanson-Young tweeted that she is no relation to the leader of the far-right party, and she'll speak out about any speech she doesn't agree with.

"I won't be sitting by and letting racism and bigotry get an easy hearing in our nation's Parliament. It has no place in a modern, smart Australia," she said.

The Greens’ nine senators walked out of Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech to the Senate after she warned that Australia risks being “swamped by Muslims”.

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