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The Party Of Small Government Wants To Throw A $50,000 Taxpayer Funded Piss-Up

Exclusive: The LDP is madly fighting over accusations of Facebook censorship and whether to use taxpayer funding to give away free beer and shot-guns.

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Australia's Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) is in meltdown over leaked plans to use $50,000 of electoral funding on a giant piss-up.


Screenshots leaked to BuzzFeed News show senior members of the LDP, including federal senator David Leyonhjelm, discussing how to recruit new members in a closed Facebook group.

The Liberal Democrats received more than $1 million in funding from the Australian Electoral Commission for its performance at the 2013 election.

During a heated discussion the libertarians proposed getting new members by spending their party funding on free beer and drinking competitions to promote their anti-nanny state message.


"The way to stop it becoming a drunk fest is to simply hand out one free beer coupon per guest. And close the door when the venue is full. But make it a big venue with lots of visibility from outside and ready access for the media," suggested former LDP candidate and party member Terje Petersen.

Another bright idea was to give away an Adler shotgun as a prize.


The leaked thread came from a private LDP group used to brainstorm campaign ideas. The discussion centred around how the party planned to "gouge the liberal vote" from "cuckservative" Malcolm Turnbull.

A "cuckservative" is a popular portmanteau in the U.S. used by online right-wight communities to described Republicans who are not conservative enough. It combines "cuckold" and "conservative" and alludes to a genre of porn where men watch their wives have sex with black men.

You can read more about the racist connotations about the label here.

But things got heated when LDP executives started accusing each other of leaking conversations and the group admin started deleting critical posts.


It drew the ire of the freedom-loving members, with one person asking, "I thought we were a libertarian party."

Peterson said: "I'll respond because I deleted the post. It was deleted because it included a comment about confidential party business. The offending comment demonstrated a serious breach of trust. The person who made the comment has been removed from this group. Criticism is fine. Sabotage is not."

Another LDP member responded: "The only breach of trust is that you would think that $50,000 of electoral funds on a "piss-up" is responsible use of LDP supporters donations."

The LDP members ran riot, likening the behaviour of the moderator to North Korea's Kim Jong-Un.


Discussion then quickly became about the entire basis of the Liberal Democrats and apparent "cultural marxism" of the party's executive.


Finally senator David Leyonhjelm weighed into the controversy from his personal account, telling people if they're not happy they should GTFO and join the Greens


The whole meltdown over a taxpayer funded piss-up is fairly ironic considering the senator is adamant the government should stop spending money on government programs.

Turnbull government could save $350m by scrapping taxpayer support for religion - via @smh

BuzzFeed News requested comment from the senator's office about the funding and the meltdown that occurred on the Facebook group.

A spokesperson joked that the party is still considering other ways to spend the money, including $50,000 of cigars, a jetpack to launch the senator's re-election or 1 square metre of overpriced land in Sydney.

Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

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