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The PM's Press Conference Got Interrupted By His Grandson And It's A Little Bit Adorable

A cute, political strategy.

This is prime minister Malcolm Turnbull's grandson Jack, aka Australia's Prince George.

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Well on Sunday, Jack Turnbull-Brown was by his grandfather's side on Sydney's mini soccer fields wearing some ~fierce~ yellow gumboots.

Our schools plan – needs-based funding and giving parents confidence in education. More:

Turnbull was joined by education minister Simon Birmingham to announce the Government's plan to pump $1.2 billion into schools, giving the states funding certainty until 2020.

PM @TurnbullMalcolm and @Birmo posing with soccer teams as they spruik #schools funding. @2GBNews @NewsTalk2UE

The move reverses former PM Tony Abbott's 2014 budget move to cut $30-billion from education funding over the next 10 years, but falls short of Labor's promise to spend $4 billion over the same period and fully fund the Gonski reforms.

Minister Birmingham says the announcement means an increase in the rate of schools spending from 2.5 per cent to 3.56 per cent a year.

"School funding will grow every year from current record levels of investment, but at an affordable rate of growth based on recent changes in the cost of delivering education," senator Birmingham said.

A few minutes later as the topic turned to the senate voting reform the PM used Jack to wrap things up: "I can see that Jack is stealing his grandfather's thunder," the PM said picking up his grandson and walking away from journalists.

A surprise appearance from Malcolm Turnbull's grandson, Jack, brings the press conference to an end

But Jack's arrival at the press conference, which cut short journalists questions about asylum seekers, Gonski funding and Senate voting reform, left some wondering whether it was a spontaneous burst of adorableness or distraction strategy?

When you send in your grandkid to end a press conference... #auspol

PM momentarily distracted by his grandson Jack in the middle of a press conference & ends it by picking him up #auspol #tennews

But tbh, everybody was too busy looking at Jack.

A post-press conference hug for PM @TurnbullMalcolm from grandson Jack. @2GBNews @NewsTalk2UE #MRNews

Jack Turnbull-Brown has always been an adorable spotlight stealer. When his grandfather was sworn in as PM no one cared because Jack was singing and laughing.

Maybe we should get Jack to answer some tough questions?

Let's get @leighsales' kid to interview Turnbull's grandson

@workmanalice now that he has joined the presser, ask the grandson about the ALPs plan for negative gearing...

@workmanalice Jack's first home isn't negatively geared, but the two investment apartments he bought by leveraging his equity are.

@potcalling @MinhKular @workmanalice @TurnbullMalcolm Jack's never going to have to depend on #gonski

@workmanalice That kid is going to be a prop even more than Prince George.

Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

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