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87-Year-Old Former PM Bob Hawke Just Skolled A Beer At The Cricket Before Midday

Here's to Hawkie, he's true blue!

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Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke has delighted punters at the Sydney Cricket Ground by skolling a beer at 11:55am during day two of the New Year's Test against Pakistan.

Our oldest living Prime Minister. Outstanding.

The 87-year-old scored the loudest cheer of the day when he realised he was on the big screen and easily downed his schooner.

Really hoping Bob Hawke would finish that. #AUSvPAK

In fact, it's pretty much his regular party trick. Here he is at the 2012 SCG Test against India.

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The former Labor leader once held the world record for sinking a yard glass of beer in 11 seconds.

That was just a cameo for Bob Hawke. Here he is at his peak. #AUSvPAK

Is there anything more Australian than sinking a frothie before midday at the cricket?

The legend #BobHawke on the morning beers. #AUSvPAK

It's hard to imagine Bob Hawke losing an election in any context in any era in any country on any planet.


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