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    Posted on 26 Feb 2016

    Australia's Youngest Politician Rides A Hoverboard In Parliament

    Exclusive: Australia's youngest politician gets #agile.

    Australia's consumer watchdog has launched an inquiry into hoverboards... but that hasn't stopped Wyatt Roy jumping on one for a whip around his Canberra office.

    The wildly popular devices have been banned in the UK and the Victorian government wants the Turnbull government to ban them here. So BuzzFeed News decided to take one into parliament, and put the so-called "agility" of the government to the test.

    Alice Workman/BuzzFeed News

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently issued product recalls on 18 hoverboard models. It sent a serious warning to the community after one burnt down a Melbourne house.

    The charred remains of the offending hoverboard. Family lucky to evacuate after the Christmas gift caught fire.

    At 25, Roy is the youngest federal politician and the youngest minister in history. He's also had a big week after being named on the inaugural Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia.

    Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

    Wyatt Roy told BuzzFeed News riding the hoverboard "was great fun...albeit perhaps a too-literal definition of agile government.”

    Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding into Australian political history.

    Alice Workman/BuzzFeed