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One Nation Plans To ~Check The Receipts~ On Climate Data But Australia's Top Scientists Don't Want To Be Involved

Finally, we get to see the "empirical evidence".

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One Nation is holding a climate sceptics forum in Parliament House at the end of the month, where senator Malcolm Roberts claims he'll ~check the receipts~ on climate data.

Roberts recently invited all his parliamentary colleagues to attend a public forum called "The Climate Data - Come check for yourself", on March 29 at Parliament House.

The event description says Roberts and guests will "deconstruct" more than 250 datasets used by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The data will come from a number of scientific organisations including the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Before he was elected to parliament, Roberts was the head of the Galileo Movement, an organisation dedicated to proving that humans are not responsible for climate change.

He believes climate denial conspiracy theories including that the United Nations is trying to impose global government through climate change policy.

In November One Nation released a 42 page document claiming the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology corrupted climate data and that global warming is an international scam.

In his invitation, Roberts claimed the chief scientist, the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) had also been invited to the climate denial event... but the CSIRO and BOM told BuzzFeed News they hadn't received an invitation.

The BOM said none of its staff had received an invite, and pointed to its latest climate science report State of the Climate 2016, available online here.

The CSIRO said it had not been invited and would not be taking part.

Australia's chief scientist Alan Finkel, who has a PhD in electrical engineering and was a postdoctorate fellow in neuroscience, schooled Roberts in the data of climate change during Senate estimates.

Finkel's office told BuzzFeed News the chief scientist had been officially invited, but would not able to attend because he'll be in Melbourne working on his independent review into the future security of the national electricity market.

Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

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