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Bronwyn Bishop Lost Her Seat And Now People Are Putting Out Their Choppers

The 73-year-old has lost her seat and now we have #putyourchoppersout.

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Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop has been dumped as the Liberal candidate for the safe seat of Mackellar, losing the final vote 51 to 39.

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"It's been an honour to serve the people of Mackellar," said Bishop as she left the Dee Why RSL on Saturday night.

Former Speaker Bishop, was fired by former PM Tony Abbott in August last year after it was revealed she spent more than $5,000 on a helicopter ride from Melbourne to a Liberal party fundraiser in Geelong.

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The subsequent scandal became known as #choppergate, with several weeks of damaging stories of Bishop misusing expenses on extravagant travel.


And people could not stop posting pictures of choppers for the former speaker.

@BronwynBishop rides off into the #auspol sunset under 94a with her posse #putyourchoppersout #insiders

Like in recent departures a hash-tag was adopted by #auspol nerds... this time it was #putyourchoppersout.

Bye bye Bronnie. I had so much fun with this #putyourchoppersout #auspol

Some people had to improvise.

@sallymcmanus I'm in London right now and made my own chopper out of chocolate and plastic forks #putyourchoppersout

Little choppers found their way out of the toy box.


And out to the compost bin.

#putyourchoppersout yes that is a compost bin

It was probably the last time Bishop would be bombarded with chopper memes.

#PutYourChoppersOut in memory of #BronwynBishop. It's the least we can do #auspol

Even people who didn't have choppers could join in.

#Mackellar #PutYourChoppersOut #AmIDoingThisRight

There were many ways to get in on the #putyourchoppersout.

Bloke who'll replace Bonnie in McKellar seems decent. #mckeller #BronwynBishop #auspol #putyourchoppersout

For the third time in a row Clive Palmer's "goodbye" series has predicted who will be sacked. Palmer filmed the videos for former Queensland premier Campbell Newman, Tony Abbott and Brownyn Bishop... who all lost their jobs!

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