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Updated on 13 May 2020. Posted on 17 Jun 2016

Millennial Labor Staffers Caught Snapchatting Confidential Party Strategy

Millennials always be snapping.

Labor staffers have been caught taking Snapchats of campaign databases that outline the party's door-knocking and cold-call strategy.


Snaps seen by BuzzFeed News show the NSW Liberal-held marginal seat of Dobell is Labor's most door-knocked seat in Australia this week and has been labelled as easily winnable.

Dobell is currently held by Karen McNamara, who is a supporter of former prime minister Tony Abbott, but after recent redivisions it's notionally Labor and sits on an extremely tight margin of 0.2%.

You might remember Dobell as the seat held by disgraced former Labor MP Craig Thomson who was found guilty of misusing funds during his time at the Health Services Union, including several visits to brothels, and was ordered by the Federal Court to repay more than $458,000.

McNamara won the seat from Thomson in 2013, but it now looks possible she'll lose it again to Labor candidate Emma McBridge.

Labor's top 10 door-knocked electorates around the country are: Dobell (NSW), Wakefield (SA), Kingsford Smith (NSW), Macarthur (NSW), Lilley (QLD), Dunkley (VIC), Burt (WA), Reid (NSW), Paterson (NSW) and Casey (VIC).


Wakefield, Kingsford Smith and Lilley are all Labor marginal seats that will be closely contested.

The inclusion of Casey is interesting, given it's a safe Liberal seat held on a margin of 7.2% by speaker of the House of Representatives Tony Smith.

But the rest are Liberal-held marginal seats the party are hoping will swing their way on July 2: Dobell, Macarthur, Dunkley, Reid, Paterson and the new seat of Burt.

In NSW, Dobell again tops the list for the most canvassed electorate, with more than 9,000 doors knocked and around 1,500 homes called.


Kingsford Smith is the second most canvassed, with over 6,500 door-knocks and nearly 2,000 calls.

Macarthur is a close third with just over 6,000 door-knocks and 1,500 calls.

Reid and Macquarie both have 4,000 homes canvassed, followed by Paterson and Greenway on 3,000 and Robertson, Page and Werriwa at around 2,000.

With Labor throwing all their resources at Dobell, former prime minister Tony Abbott has rallied his supporters to help McNamara cling to victory.

AAP/Dan Himbrechts

McNamara backed Abbott in both of last year's leadership spills and as repayment she is getting support and funds redirected to help her out.

Also running in Dobell, with absolutely no chance of winning the seat, is radio presenter Carter Edwards who's standing for One Nation. He's best known for starring in this 1978 Taubman's Paint commerical singing a parody version of "My Way".

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