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Kevin Rudd Slams 'Brick Wall' Malcolm Turnbull For Turning UN Bid 'To Shit'

"All the talk about politics doesn’t add up to a row of beans."

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Kevin Rudd has hit back at prime minister Malcolm Turnbull after he refused to endorse his candidature for United Nations secretary-general, saying the process turned "to shit".

Pat O'Neill / Via Facebook: patoneillbrisbane

Rudd made the candid comments less than 24 hours after Turnbull's decision not to support his bid for the top job, in a video uploaded to Facebook by Labor's candidate for the seat of Brisbane, Pat O'Neill.

Talking to a group of young Labor members in Queensland on Saturday, he warned that sometimes your life in politics will "turn to shit", joking he's had a "modest experience in this".


“When you start to engage in a formal political process, I’ve got a very deep dark secret for you: sometimes it’ll turn to shit. And sometimes it won’t work out perfectly," he told the room.

"I've had a modest experience in this... just a little bit... including yesterday. It's part of the collective scar tissue of life."

Rudd's speech warned the aspiring Labor politicians that unless they're confident about what they believe in they'll be "cut to bits" when they get thrown into "one of the brick walls of life".

Rudd slammed Turnbull, calling him a "brick wall" who had stopped him from stepping up to the international political stage.


"I’ve sought to [make a huge difference] in national political life as prime minister, as foreign minister, and I’ve been seeking to do so on the international stage… and then one of those other great brick walls of life presented itself in the form of Malcolm Turnbull."

Rudd then mused to himself "that’s a different story, we might talk about that at some other stage".

You can watch the full video here.

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