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22 Things In Cans Which Really Shouldn't Be In Cans

'Can' you believe these things are canned? (Geddit?)

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14. Water

thedieline / Via

This one would actually be totally normal if it weren't for the brainwashing we've all undergone when it comes to bottled water. As it's marketed as clear, blue, transparent, the idea of drinking it from a can seems weird to us.

8. A Whole Chicken

Sweet Sue / Via!/image/2131723244.jpg

Sweet Sue what were you thinking? To add to the look of a whole raw chicken which has been squeezed into a can, they've preserved it in gelatine, to give an authentic cat food ascetic.

6. Bread

Walmart / Via

Okay, so this is maybe the most sensible one, if you're going on a camping trip or something, the tin will stop the bread being all squishy. But still, we all know bread is best fresh, and caned food is not fresh.

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