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    • alices16

      i have a chronic medical condition that people cant see from the outside, too. it often makes me weak or overly tired , and its hard because people at my age dont understand it so well (Im 23) , but I dont wanna talk about it whit others because I dont want to be see as “such a talented, smart girl, yet so ill and doomed to never fullfill any goal” or “this odd person that doesnt have a right to life normal or life at all because shes so ill ” like some doctors and medical staff told me when I was younger. Its hard to tell people youre not abled to do everything they do in their spare time whitout mentioning it. But i decidet not to hide any more. I will life like a normal person because I Am a normal person, I study, I work, I go out, I date, I read , I travel, I have my hobbies and my writing and literature classes I dress up, I am like every other girl my age. I decided not to hide away anymore, I decided to see myself as beautiful, lovely and succesfull in my progress the way I am, not the way I wanna be. I am who I am now, and I am happy whit it. I try my very best every day and I have the right and the purpose to be , do and look my best everyday just like any other person would.

    • alices16

      as mad as it seems what those people have done, its understadable in a way. they are surrounded by dying, bleeding, vomiting, collabsing people, they are afraid to die or see their loved ones die with a vrus that has no cure and is spreading throghout the country and beyond.
      “what are they cariing to their homes? they are cariing their own death!”
      that says it all. these people will be dead in a few days. death is not a joke nor igorance or stupidy.
      we should pray for this people and donate for them. this is not a movie, this is reality, these people are fucking dying there.
      have some empathy and some respect, please!

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