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    27 Incredibly Useful Things That Will Make Being A Grown-Up A Little Easier

    You won't mind spending your money on these.

    1. A genius pastry mat that has measurements etched right onto it, so you don't have to bust out a ruler while baking.

    2. A bottle of magical makeup removing water that'll get rid of dirt, oil, and makeup without drying out your skin (a truly difficult task). Reviewers note how amazing it is for sensitive and acne-prone skin, so its great if you're facing a flare-up.

    3. A pack of velcro cord ties to organize all your wires and doodads. Reviewers say they're a lot better than rubber bands and zip ties, so it may be time to make the switch.

    4. A portable mood-boosting therapy lamp because winter is grim, and this will brighten even your darkest days. It's the size of a tablet, so you can bring it with you everywhere.

    5. A bottle of leather conditioner that'll breathe a second life into everything from your boots to your car seats. It can also be used to protect new leather, so go ahead and slather it on your bags, furniture, and everything else you own.

    6. A stainless steel grater that's easy to grip and has two different grating options. Perfect for all of your zesting, mincing, and grating needs.

    7. A teeth whitening kit that'll make your pearly whites even whiter. Reviewers say its a great option for people with sensitive teeth and that they actually do see a significant difference after their first session.

    8. A silicone storage container that'll keep your beauty sponges safe and is a more sanitary option than just throwing them in a makeup bag to party with the rest of your stuff.

    9. A handheld steamer that's a lot gentler on your clothes than an iron and will get rid of pleats and wrinkles within minutes. It automatically powers off when it gets too hot or has run of water, so you don't have to stress if you accidentally leave it on.

    10. A pack of non-toxic dry erase markers that have built-in magnets and can stick right to your fridge.

    11. A sleek compost bin that's cute enough to leave on your countertop. It snaps closed and keeps odours trapped in, so you won't be faced with gross smells if you forget to empty your bin for a night or two.

    12. A bottle of natural dog ear cleaner hat'll help get rid of itches, smells, and built-up gunk within days. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than perscription medication, and will banish the most common invaders.

    13. A compact bread maker that allows you to delay baking time, so you can wake up to freshly baked bread in the morning or come home to a piping hot loaf after work. It'll also save you some serious dough if you make frequent trips to the bakery.

    14. A pack of washer cleaner tablets that are more effective than bleach and will save you from having to scrub down your entire machine. All you need to do is throw one in, set your washer for a regular cycle, and let it do its thing.

    15. A curved silicone mat to protect your countertop and keep your hot tools from rolling around. Gotta rush out of the house while your curling iron cools down? NDB with this guy.

    16. A massive ice cube tray that creates giant blocks of frosty goodness. It can also be used as a baking mould or for freezing soups and sauces.

    17. A genius cord organizer that sticks right to your desk. It has enough slots to hold onto seven wires so nothing will go MIA under your workspace.

    18. An adjustable memory foam pillow that conforms to the natural curve of your body to help you sleep like an actual baby. The core layer can be removed, if your prefer your pillows on the slimmer side.

    19. A pack of super strong glue that'll help you fix little problems. It's strong enough to withstand intense weather so your stuff will remain intact even through a heat wave or polar vortex.

    20. A bottle of magical spot treatment that'll help banish zits overnight. Reviewers say it works wonders on cystic acne and tough spots.

    21. A set of modern floating shelves that don't require any drilling and stick to tiles, mirrors, wood, metal, and marble (great if you have zero space in your bathroom or kitchen).

    22. A cast iron crepe pan so that you can master the art of French cooking in the comfort of your own home. Reviewers say it's also great for eggs and grilled cheese, so it's not just a one trick pony.

    23. A resettable word lock that you can create your own four-letter combination for. Now you won't be stuck standing at your gym locker in sweaty clothes praying that your code will magically come to you.

    24. A colourful glass tumbler so that you can take your morning juice or smoothie to go. Now you might be able to resist the urge to spend $8 on a cold-pressed beverage.

    25. A bottle of cutting board oil to keep your wooden kitchen accessories from drying out and cracking. I mean, you condition your hair, so why not take the same care with your prized possessions.

    26. A set of frenchie and cat toothbrush holders that'll keep your toothbushes from collecting germs on your countertop (ew). They can suction to tiles or mirrors, making them easy to find space for.

    27. And finally, a mini donut maker that bakes seven donuts in less time than it takes to get to a drive-thru. Add a little sweetness to your boring breakfast!

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