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    29 Super Useful Products Every Dog Owner Probably Needs In Their Life

    Make your dog happier and your life easier.

    1. A portable shower head that'll screw right onto standard water bottles and allow you to give your dirty dog a bath whenever, wherever. Reviewers say it's great for camping and prefer using it to hoses and buckets of water.

    A person giving their muddy dog a shower with a water bottle

    2. An adhesive slidable tracker that'll remind you to feed your four-legged friend(s). It’s pretty much a must-have for anyone who shares dog duties with a partner or roommate.

    The slidable tracker next to a lightswitch

    3. A pet grooming brush that’ll give your four-legged friend a light trim and remove tough tangles, too. It has over 2,700 positive reviews and people say it leaves their pets feeling smoother and looking shinier than ever.

    4. A set of tie-free shoe laces that'll transform your favourite pair of runners into slip-ons. They'll make putting on your shoes quicker and easier, so you don't have to fumble around with your laces when your dog really needs to go.

    A person walking down stairs while wearing running shoes with tie-free shoelaces

    5. A rolling pet hair-removing brush that'll rid your furniture of stray fur in just a few swipes. It can be used on both hard and soft surfaces, so you can even use it to clean your floors.

    A person cleaning their sofa with the pet hair-removing brush

    6. A bottle of stain and odour eliminator that'll get rid of pet messes and smells in just a few spritzes, so your home stays fresh 'n' clean. It works on pee, poop, vomit, and pretty much every other gross thing your pet does.

    A bottle of odor destroyer being held up in front of a sleeping puppy

    7. A portable dog water bottle that'll keep your four-legged friend hydrated on long walks and outdoor adventures. Using it is simple: just press the button to fill the built-in bowl with water and let your canine companion get to sippin'.

    A dog drinking from the dog water bottle on a patch of grass

    8. Or a collapsible travel water bowl that'll fold up into a tiny square, making it easy to fit into smaller pockets. It's made of a fast-drying material, so you won't have to worry about it soaking the other stuff in your bag.

    9. A speech bubble pet food mat to save your floor from getting covered in kibble every time your four-legged friend dives into their dinner. It has raised edges that'll block any morsels from escaping.

    A French bulldog eating out of a bowl on the speech bubble mat

    10. An unburstable soccer ball that won't pop, even when your dog goes to town on it. It's also green apple scented, so your house will smell like an orchard instead of dog slobber.

    A corgi under a blanket with the unburstable ball

    11. This shower-friendly silicone treat mat that’ll keep your dog distracted while you shampoo them down. It has little fronds that make peanut butter harder to get to, so you can give them a full grooming session before they're done snacking.

    12. A pack of lavender-scented dog poop bags made with recycled materials, because you don't need to create waste with waste. They're extra thick and strong, and won't split open when you're carrying a full load.

    A box of poop bags on a leaf-patterned background

    13. A cordless nail-grinding tool that'll help you give your dog a mani-pedi without any complaints (or nips). It has over 10,000 positive reviews and people say that it's great for dogs who hate traditional clippers.

    A person filing their dog's nails with the tool

    14. A handy silicone paw cleaner that’ll scrub away dirt and grime from your pet's pads in mere moments. Just pop your dog’s paw in, twist the mouth, and let the silicone scrubbers work their magic.

    A person cleaning a dog's paw with the paw cleaner

    15. A dog seat belt that'll keep your dog from springing into the front seat while you're trying to drive. Reviewers love that it gives their dog enough leash to look out the window, but keeps them from jumping all over the place.

    A dog strapped into the backseat of a car with the dog seat belt

    16. A genius dog doorbell, so that your canine companion can let you know when they want to be let back in the house, without scratching your door to pieces. Reviewers say that it's great for using inside, too (so you may want to add another to your cart).

    A dog ringing the dog doorbell with their nose

    17. A dog DNA test, if you adopted a mutt and want to know your dog's unique cocktail of breeds. The company also runs tests on medical background, so you'll learn more about your dog's health (and maybe save some money on vet bills in the future).

    18. An LED light-up collar that’ll keep your dog visible at all times, so you can let them off-leash at night and not worry about them going MIA. It’s also 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to stress if they get a little wet.

    A dog standing on a rock with the collar on

    19. A calming Snuggle Puppy that'll lull your four-legged friend to sleep and help reduce their anxiety by mimicking the heartbeat and heat of an actual dog. It's machine washable, so you don't have to worry if your canine companion has any accidents in their crate.

    A puppy snuggling with the stuffed Snuggle Puppy

    20. A bottle of natural dog ear cleaner that'll help get rid of itches, smells, and built-up gunk within days. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than perscription medication, and will banish the most common invaders.

    A bottle of pet ear cleaner on a table next to a leash

    21. A reversible crossbody dog pouch, so that you can tote around your chien when they're too pooped to walk home. It can support up to 12 pounds of weight, making it perfect for petite pups and tiny terriers.

    22. A bag of Greenies pill pockets that'll disguise their medications as treats, so they'll take them without fussing around. They're made with natural ingredients, so you don't have to worry about giving your dog any weird chemicals.

    A person holding a pill pocket in front of their dog

    23. A non-slip slanted pet bowl that'll help your messy four-legged friend clean up their act. Reviewers say it makes food easier for little teeth to grab and that the removeable metal bowl is a cinch to clean.

    Several dogs and cats eating out of slanted bowls

    24. A treat-tossing Furbo camera that lets you stalk your dog when you're not at home (and feed them snacks, too). It has a barking sensor and will send you notifications when your dog is acting up — you can even use the two-way audio to tell them to cut it out!

    A dog catching a treat from the Furbo

    25. A splash-free water bowl that’ll give your dog the exact amount of H2O they need, without getting it all over the place. It has anti-slip feet, so it won't slide around while they're sipping, either.

    A got with the bowl in the backseat of a car

    26. A pair of pet grooming gloves that’ll trick your four-legged friend into thinking they're getting a massage, when you’re actually de-shedding them. If you want to give your dog a real spa experience, throw them on while you’re giving them a bath.

    The grooming glove full of pet hair held in front of a dog

    27. A puzzle dog food bowl with a groovy, textured design that'll encourage your pet eat slower. If your four-legged friend is a bit of a speed gobbler, this may save them from a stomach ache (or puking on your carpet).

    A dog eating from the puzzle bowl

    28. A padded car seat cover that’ll keep the backseat of your car (or your trunk) free of dog hair. It’ll also make it a bit cushier, which, let’s be honest, your dog deserves.

    The backseat of a car with the car seat-cover on it

    29. And finally, a treat-dispensing game that'll keep your dog entertained, so that you can get some actual work done. Reviewers say it's great for keeping pups intellectually stimulated when they can't go on long walks.

    A dog playing with the toy on a bed

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