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    There Are Seven Days In A Week, And You'll Probably Use These 37 Products On All Of Them

    How have I been living without these?

    1. This hot pink heat-resistant mat that'll keep your styling tools from messing with your bathroom counter. The textured surface will keep your wands and straighteners from rolling around, so you won't have to worry about them sliding off the edge of your sink and singeing your toes.

    A blow dryer on the mat

    2. A time-marked water bottle that'll encourage you to drink more H2O, so you'll stay hydrated all day long. The cap has a handy lid lock, so it won't leak water all over the contents of your bag.

    A person holding the bottle

    3. A pair of lightweight circular glasses that you'll actually want to wear every single day. You can get them outfitted with digital protection lenses, if your screens are giving you headaches or hurting your peepers.

    Four pairs of glasses laid out

    4. A poop bag carrier that'll save you from having to use your one free hand to hold your dog's business while you're out on a walk. It's compatible with all types of leashes, so you won't have to switch up what you're working with.

    5. An extra-thick microfibre cloth that you can use to wash your dishes, clean your car, dust your shelves, and tackle just about every other chore on your to-do list. They'll absorb water and dry faster than cotton alternatives, so they're awesome for mopping up messes.

    A person wiping their tire with a cloth

    6. A depuffing under-eye roller that's packed with a calming snow mushroom serum to soothe and refresh your skin. The rollerball itself is made of jade and will give your skin a relaxing lil' massage (it'll also get into smaller, more sensitive areas than a traditional jade roller).

    A person holding the roller up to the sky

    7. A waterproof, anti-UV bike cover that'll keep your noble steed safe from the elements. It has an adjustable buckle strap and toggles that you can tighten around your tires to keep your ride sealed in.

    Two bikes underneath the bike cover

    8. A trio of budget-friendly spa headbands that you can use to hold your hair back while you do your makeup or go through your skincare routine. They won't pull at your hair like clips or hair elastics, so you won't have to stress about messing with your precious locks.

    9. A petite fabric defuzzer that'll remove the pilled-up lint that's accumulated on your favourite shirts and sweaters. You can also use it on your couches and carpets, if your furniture is looking a little worse for wear.

    A person holding the fabric defuzzer

    10. This sturdy over-the-door hanger that'll give you some extra storage space, so you'll finally be able to close your closet door. It'll also come in handy for air drying more delicate shirts and trousers that can't go in the machine.

    Several shirts hanging from the rod

    11. An ultra-plush bath mat, so that you won't take a dive on your slippery bathroom floor when you step out of the shower. It has rubber backing, so it'll stay firmly in place while you shake off extra water and whip your hair back and forth.

    A person stepping onto the bath mat

    12. A mint green Wet Brush that's infused with tea tree oil to leave your hair shiny, smooth, and much more manageable. The tiny, densely-packed bristles are designed to minimize pain and combat breakage, so you won't need to worry about pulling out your tresses as you detangle them.

    13. A canvas daily journal that'll take you a whole five years to complete. Now all your treasured mems will be conveniently kept in one stylish little time capsule.

    14. A toothbrush cup that'll keep your necessities from collecting germs on your countertop. It can suction to pretty much any smooth surface, so you can even stick it to the wall of your shower to hold razors and pumice stones.

    Three toothbrushes in the cup

    15. A personal-size pour over coffee maker that'll help you whip up your morning cuppa Joe in style. It has a permanent mesh filter, so you won't even need to worry about stocking up on papers.

    The coffee maker in front of a plate of figs

    16. An oversized jean jacket, because the frost is finally melting and you're gonna need a lightweight coat to see you through spring. Thanks to the larger fit, you can wear a sweater underneath on chillier days.

    17. A tiny clip pouch that you can stuff with your itty-bitty essentials, like your charging cords and hair elastics. Now you'll never have to go fishing around the bottom of your bag to retrieve them.

    An Apple charging cord inside the pouch

    18. A bottle of Mario Badescu foaming cleanser that's formulated with glycolic acid, chamomile, and mushroom to hydrate, soften, and balance your skin. Reviewers say it's also helped improve their skin texture and kept acne at bay.

    The bottle of cleanser surrounded by other Mario Badescu products

    19. A two-pack of Shiba Inu contact cases that'll keep your lenses safe 'n' sound. They have built-in mirrors, so you'll never be stuck in a sitch where you don't know where your lenses are going (my actual nightmare).

    20. A tear-off daily planner that'll help you stay on track with your goals. It includes space for your schedule, water intake, meals, and more.

    The planner surrounded by clothespins and paper clips

    21. A minimalist vanity mirror that'll help you inspect your zits, tweeze your brows, and nail your glam look.

    22. A pack of boot clips that can be adjusted to fit footwear of all heights, from your shortest Uggs to your knee-high heels. They'll save your boots from cracking and sagging and help you hang them up, too.

    Two pairs of boots with inserts in them

    23. A handmade pressed flower phone case that'll keep your phone protected and lookin' pretty. It's made of soft silicone, so you won't need to worry about it cracking, like hard plastic cases.

    A person holding the phone case

    24. An extra-large silicone food pouch that you can use to stash your prepped ingredients or leftovers. It's totally leakproof, so you can even use it to store sauce, salad dressing, or marinade.

    A person pouring sauce into the bag

    25. A transparent cord cover that'll save your precious charging cables from getting destroyed by your pet's razor-sharp teeth. It can fit wires that are up to six feet long, but can easily be trimmed to fit your lil' ones.

    A person cutting a cord cover

    26. A microfibre dish-drying mat that'll save your countertop from becoming an actual swamp. You can place dishes directly on top or add a fold-up beechwood rack to support your dishware.

    27. A holographic PopSockets wallet that'll give you a better grip on your phone and keep your essential cards all in one place. Now you won't have to worry about forgetting your Visa OR dropping your phone.

    A person holding their phone by the grip

    28. A set of cat booty coasters that'll save your furniture from unsightly water rings (nobody wants those!). If you love quirky, cottagecore home goods, you probably need these in your life.

    Several cat booty coasters in front of a mug

    29. A tube of reef-safe SPF 50 sunscreen that'll protect your skin from the sun's harsh glare. It's water and sweat resistant, so you won't have to worry about it budging (even when it's hot as heck out).

    A person squeezing sunscreen onto their hand

    30. A trio of muslin market bags that you can use to tote textbooks, picnic supplies, or whatever else you may need. They can be knotted up when you're not using them, so you can easily stuff them into your backpack or purse.

    A person wearing the bag on their shoulder

    31. A pack of patterned velvet scrunchies that won't tug at your tresses like regular hair elastics. They'll also make it look you put a bit more effort into styling your unwashed mane (who doesn't want that?).

    32. A transparent shower curtain that'll make your loo look chic as heck and won't require an extra liner to keep water in. It even comes with curtain hooks, so you won't need to add extra accessories to your cart.

    The shower curtain in front of a bathtub

    33. A trio of beeswax food wraps that'll eliminate your need for cling film once and for all. They're compostable, reusable, and a lot more eco-friendly than classic plastic wrap.

    34. A one-touch blender that'll help you mix single-portion drinks. The blending bottle comes with its own travel lid, so you won't have to waste dishes by pouring your smoothie or milkshake into another vessel.

    The blender surrounded by smoothie ingredients

    35. A tube of Ilia lip scrub that's made with gritty volcanic stone powder to save your pout from feeling like actual sandpaper. The formula includes a healthy dose of jojoba seed powder and shea butter to leave your lips feeling moisturized.

    A person applying the scrub to their lips

    36. A neoprene oven mitt that'll add a dash of colour to your cooking ensemble. It has a textured palm that'll help you keep a firm grip on your baking trays, too.

    37. And finally, new set of sheets that you can cozy up in when the day is done. They're made of super-soft cotton, so if you hate that crispy sheet feel, these will be right up your alley.

    A persons tucked into the covers with their feet on the pillows

    Do you want all of these?

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