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    Just 25 Things Under $25 You Never Knew You Needed (But Totally Do)

    Get these. Now.

    1. A pack of pimple healing patches that'll help banish zits overnight. Reviewers say these draw out the pus without popping the pimple, so you don't need to irritate your skin by prodding and poking at it.

    2. A portable drink holder that you can clip to almost anything. Reviewers say it's a lifesaver for morning commutes and public transit journeys.

    3. A pack of cute cat gel pens that write smoothly and are totally leakproof, so you won’t get splotches on your page.

    4. A box of Pedialyte electrolyte freezies that taste great and will help you battle a hangover. One reviewer says they're the perfect cure for rough summer mornings, so stock up before you hit the sangria.

    5. A heat-resistant silicone mat that's also a travel pouch for your heat tools. Reviewers say it's saved their countertops and that it keeps their straighteners and curlers from rolling around.

    6. A handy slidable tracker that'll remind you to feed your four-legged friend(s). It’s pretty much a must-have for anyone who shares dog duties with a partner or roommate.

    7. A pack of antibacterial bra liners to catch your boob sweat and keep it from seeping into your shirt. Reviewers say they protect your bod from uncomfortable heat rashes and make underwire bras a lot more comfortable to wear, too.

    8. A flexible pasta strainer that clips right onto the edge of your pot or pan. Now you won't accidentally burn your hands with scalding water when you're too lazy to hold your colander.

    9. A set of stainless steel tongue scrapers that'll help you rid your mouth of nasty toxins and bacteria. They're easy to clean, rust-proof, and will last a lot longer than plastic versions.

    10. An adjustable silk sleep mask that blocks out every little bit of light so you can sleep long after the sun comes up. Great for hangovers, plane rides, and days when you just wanna stay in bed forever.

    11. An infusion water bottle with a built-in citrus juicer. It allows fruit flavours to filter into the bottle through a super-fine mesh screen, giving you a tastier version of H2O.

    12. A bottle of plant-based detangler that smells like creamsicles and will banish fly-aways and keep your hair feeling smooth and silky.

    13. A copy of Journal 29, if you've never met a puzzle or riddle you didn't love. You can check that your answers are correct by scanning QR codes with your phone, so you'll know when you're ready to move onto the next phase.

    14. A pack of cupcake flavoured almond butter sachets that are the perfect breakfast topping and on-the-go snack. Reviewers say it actually tastes like cupcakes and is a great healthy snack for kids, too.

    15. A peelable nail basecoat that you need if you love wearing glitter and long-wear polishes. When you're ready to swap out your nail colour, just nudge it with a cuticle stick and peel it right off. Now you won't have to waste a million cotton pads to get clean nails.

    16. A banana slicer that'll dice your favourite potassium-rich fruit into perfect slices in one swift movement. Reviewers love that it's kid-friendly and easy to clean.

    17. An avocado seed sprouting ring that'll help you turn your pits into trees. Guac costs extra? NBD, you have plenty at home now, thanks to this bad boy.

    18. A shampoo brush that'll give you a spa-level massage while removing dandruff and styling product residue from your roots. It has an ergonomic handle, so it's easy to grip (even when it's covered in suds).

    19. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey because you probably have a refined palate now that you're a grown-up. This is the perfect combo of spicy and sweet and tastes so heavenly that you'll want to drizzle it on everything

    20. A skull ice cube tray that'll make your chilled beverages look cooler than ever. Reviewers reccommend use filtered water to ensure your cubes come out crystal clear (they'll be a little on the foggy side with tap water).

    21. A handy label maker that you can use to mark your territory (buzz off, roommates). It also comes in super handy for labeling meal-prepped lunches and pantry staples.

    22. A translucent setting powder that'll give your makeup the perfect finish. It can be used to blur harsh lines and for baking (when you're ready to level-up your makeup skills).

    23. A set of metallic travel flatware that'll save you from using a ton of plastic cutlery. It'll also make your lunch situation the envy of all your coworkers, 'cause it's so dang pretty.

    24. A set of geometric book ends that'll make your little home library look like a million bucks. They're made of metal so they can hold even your heaviest textbooks without budging.

    25. And finally, a set of braided lightning chargers of various lengths, including one that's a whopping ten feet long. Now you won't have to get out of bed to charge your devices and can scroll while your battery refills.

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