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    21 Things The BuzzFeed Canada Shopping Team Tried And Loved This January

    We swear by these.

    1. A tub of tried-and-true Vaseline (and a pack of cute lil' Vaseline lip balms) that'll come in clutch when your skin has had enough of the dry winter air.

    2. A block puzzle game that'll give your brain a little break from scrolling on your phone for hours. It has hundreds of levels that'll get harder as you go, plus timed challenges to sharpen your puzzle-solving skills.

    Bianca with the game adding pieces on the board

    3. A bottle of volumizing blowout mist if your tresses could use a boost. A couple spritzes on damp or dry hair and your locks will feel pleasantly plump, soft, and ready for styling (but you can always keep things ~natural~, too).

    victoria holding up a bottle of the blowout spray; her hair has volume and texture

    4. A strip of immersion lights with a sensor camera that'll detect the colours on your screen and project them behind and around your TV. It'll create some serious vibes on your next movie night, and you can even adjust the brightness, mode, or sync it to music.

    5. A cordless Waterpik that's less bulky than the original and waaay more effective than regular floss. It uses H2O to blast away gross stuff between your teeth and below the gum line, leaving you with a seriously clean mouth.

    6. A tub of Got2b Glued Spiking Wax you'll love if you're on the hunt for a soap brow alternative. I find that this stuff is easier to use AND it holds better without making my brows look *crispy*. I also appreciate that I don't have to mix it with water to get it to work (I'm not always doing my makeup near a sink).

    7. A journal edition of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck that'll help you take what you've gained from the bestselling novel and apply it to real-life issues. It's filled with prompts that'll help you work through personal obstacles.

    Melina holding a copy of the journal

    8. A rotating acrylic organizer if your selection of beauty products includes bottles of all shapes and sizes. The shelves are adjustable, meaning even your tallest can of hairspray and any awkwardly-shaped perfume bottles will fit.

    9. A bottle of Windex Multi-Surface that gets its levelled-up cleaning powers from a secret ingredient: vinegar. That means you'll never have streaks or spots (and makes it an incredibly effective all-purpose cleaner for just about every surface).

    victoria holding up a spray bottle of the windex with vinegar

    10. A balloon pump that'll save you so much time at your next party. It can work both manually or automatically, meaning you can either keep it running all the time or only when it senses a balloon touching the nozzle.

    11. A pair of Adidas Adilette Ayoon slides that are super pillowy, making them the *best* footwear for beach vacations.

    12. A Fenty Beauty blotting powder compact that'll instantly mattify your skin. If your T-zone shines bright like a diamond (the way mine does), this stuff will become your new fave after just one swipe.

    13. A CoverGirl blush that'll add a youthful glow to your cheeks. The shade Pink Candy is a great dupe for the popular Dior Backstage blush in Rosy Glow.

    Melina holding the covergirl blush

    14. A reusable silicone swab that'll make applying glittery and creamy products a lot less of a nightmare. The grippy end is *chef's kiss* for brow products, while the chiseled tip will help you clean up eyeliner and give it that *crisp* edge.

    victoria holding the dual-ended silicone swab in her hand

    15. A Scrub Mommy sponge that's the levelled-up spouse of the popular Scrub Daddy sponge. One side has a rougher texture for scrubbing, and the other is softer and spongier for cleaning.

    16. A bottle of Fable & Mane pre-wash hair oil that'll fight damage, thinning, and dryness. It'll also strengthen your roots and hydrate your scalp so your hair can grow longer, stronger, and healthier.

    Alice holding a bottle of the hair oil

    17. A cordless KitchenAid food processor that'll you'll be happy to add to your arsenal of kitchen tools. Don't feel like slicin' and dicin'? Throw your ingredients in this baby and let it handle the hard work.

    A kitchenaid food processor

    18. A tube of CoverGirl skin tint that'll give you light coverage and nourish your skin, so it'll feel more like a moisturizer than a heavy foundation. If you want to achieve the "no-makeup" makeup vibe, this will definitely give you what you're looking for.

    Melina holding the skin tint in her hand

    19. A tube of Colgate charcoal toothpaste that'll whiten your chompers without making them feel all sensitive in the process. The genius bottle/nozzle combo is designed to let you squeeze out every last drop, so nothing will go to waste.

    victoria holding a tube of the charcoal-infused colgate toothpaste

    20. A wireless charger that can flip up into a stand so you can still watch YouTube videos while you're charging your phone. It also has a USB-C outlet, meaning you can charge two devices at once.

    the portable charger propped up

    21. And finally, a book of Marvel mazes if you're tired of colouring books and journalling, but don't want to give in to your screens.

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