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    31 Splurge-Worthy Products You'll Actually Use All The Time

    Spend some money to save some money.

    1. A smart thermostat that'll help keep the temperature balanced in your apartment. It'll connect directly to your phone, meaning you can control it from anywhere. It's even compatible with Alexa, so you can talk to it instead of pressing buttons.

    The thermostat on a wall surrounded by plants

    2. A portable colour sensor that'll help you figure out exactly what shade everything inside (and outside!) your home is. You can pair it with a free app that'll help you match colours with top paint brands, so you'll never have to use swatches again.

    A person holding the colour sensor up to a leaf

    3. A cast iron dutch oven that you can use for everything from baking bread to roasting chicken. You can basically ditch all of your mismatched pots and pans, because this beauty can do it all.

    The dutch oven filled with soup

    4. A new set of sheets that you can cozy up in when the day is done. They're made of super-soft cotton, so if you hate that crispy sheet feel, these will be right up your alley.

    A persons tucked into the covers with their feet on the pillows

    5. A Vitamix blender that can crush through ice, nuts, and just about anything else in mere seconds. You can adjust the speed with a flick of the dial, so whether you want to whip up chunky salsa or purée smooth nut milks, you'll be able to tackle your task with ease.

    The Vitamix on a counter next to milk

    6. A fancy-schmancy Theragun Prime, because your muscles are getting sore, but you're too broke to see an RMT every single week. It comes with four different massage heads that'll help you get into every knot, so you can really customize your massage.

    7. A smartphone-controlled Ember mug that'll help keep your drink warm with the help of a free app. Now you won't be stuck sipping on tepid tea or coffee halfway through the day.

    The mug surrounded by art supplies

    8. An Aerogarden Sprout that'll help you grow your own produce in the comfort of your kitchen. It can fit up to three plants and will do all the hard work for you, so you won't have to get down 'n' dirty in your garden.

    The garden with tomatoes in it

    9. A heavy-duty Bissel air purifier that'll help cleanse your home of pet dander, dirt particles, and any other grossness that's floating around. Reviewers love how quiet it is and say that it's even powerful enough to banish smoke scents.

    The air purifier next to a bed

    10. A Schwinn stationary bike that'll save you from spending all your hard-earned money on spin classes (it me). It's designed to work with Peloton and Zwift apps, so you can get the benefit of in-person training seshes without paying costly gym fees.

    A person on the spin bike on their home

    11. A 500GB external hard drive, because backing up your important documents is essential and you've put it off for waaaay too long. You unlock it with your fingerprint, instead of a traditional passcode, which is super fun and futuristic.

    A laptop with an external hard drive plugged into it

    12. A coat rack that'll make your entryway situation so much more functional. It has hooks where you can hang coats and bags, shelves where you can store accessories, and a seat that you can fill with more stuff (or sit on when you're yanking on your shoes).

    The coat rack next to a velour chair

    13. An eight-quart Instant Pot Duo Crisp, a genius appliance that'll replace everything from your slow cooker to your air fryer and generally make cooking massive meals a breeze. It'll also save you some valuable counter real estate, which is always a plus.

    An InstantPot next to a cooked chicken

    14. A pair of Apple AirPods Pro, so you can block annoying noises and actually enjoy your tunes and podcasts. They'll last for nearly five hours on a single charge, meaning they won't die on you in the middle of the day.

    BuzzFeed editor holding charging case

    15. A faux grass patch that'll turn your apartment balcony into a place where your pet will actually want to pee. Now you won't have to leave your patio to take your dog out to the front lawn.

    The grass pad on a hardwood floor

    16. An Endy weighted blanket that'll help you sleep like a baby (and keep you warm, too). I have one of these and it's helped with my insomnia and anxiety, making it totally worth the investment.

    An Endy blanket folded up on a bed

    17. A cushy yoga mat that's super grippy, so you won't slide around when transitioning from a plank to a downward dog. It's designed to stop sweat from pooling up, meaning you won't be stuck working out in a puddle.

    18. A bidet attachment that'll transform your toilet if you don't have the space (or cash) for the real deal. Reviewers say it's a cinch to install and love how easy it is to adjust the water pressure.

    The bidet attachement on a toilet

    19. A treat-tossing Furbo camera that'll let you stalk your dog when you're not at home (and feed them snacks, too). It has a barking sensor and will send you notifications when your dog is acting up — you can even use the two-way audio to tell them to cut it out!

    A corgi getting a treat from the Furbo

    20. This foam mattress topper, if you want to upgrade the bed you already have, instead of splurging on a whole new sleeping situation. It's packed with temperature-regulating gel beads that'll keep you from overheating in the middle of the night.

    A mattress topper on a mattress next to a nightstand

    21. A Kobo eReader, so you can download your reading material, instead of filling your tiny room with a ton of books. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option than a paperback, but if you have a hard time making out words, it’ll let you magnify the font and change the boldness of the text.

    A person reading on their Kobo

    22. A cordless Waterpik that's less bulky than the original and more effective than regular floss. It'll use H2O to blast away gross stuff between your teeth and below your gum line, leaving you with a seriously clean mouth. Now you can space out those pricey cleanings at your dentist!

    The Waterpik beside a bag

    23. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll provide hours upon hours of fun, so you'll never be bored again. It's small enough to pop in your bag, so you can take it with you on road trips and cottage adventures.

    A person holding the Nintendo Switch in front of plants

    24. A chic bar cart that'll help keep your boozy beverages, highball glasses, and shakers from taking up valuable counter real estate in your kitchen. It has wheels, so you can easily push it into your living room or backyard when you're entertaining.

    The bar cart filled with bottles and glasses

    25. A light-up Ring security camera that'll hook up to your smartphone and computer, so you always know what's happening inside and outside your house. It has two-way audio, meaning you can kindly ask your delivery person to leave your packages at your door.

    26. A bestselling espresso machine, if coffee pods just ain't strong enough for you. Not only will it help you whip up a killer caffeinated beverage, but it has a built-in grinder so you can pulverize your beans right before getting down to business.

    27. A cordless vacuum that'll help you suck all the gross stuff out of your couch and carpets. You can easily unclip the long hose and turn it into a handheld dustbuster when you want to clean your furniture.

    28. This deluxe garage organizer that has room for over 40 tools, meaning you'll have space for everything from your brooms to your snow shovels. It's equipped with wheels, so you can easily move it around when you're ready to tackle your chores.

    The organizer filled with shovels, trowels, rakes, and more

    29. A bread maker, because making your own loaves will save you some serious dough (lol, get it?) and trips to the bakery. You can even delay baking time, so you can wake up to freshly-baked bread in the morning or come home to a piping-hot loaf after running errands.

    30. A standing desk riser that'll easily adjust to keep your computer at eye level, whether you're seated or standing. It's large enough to fit a laptop and two monitors, and has a dropped tray for your keyboard and mouse.

    A person working on two monitors at their desk

    31. And finally, a pack of wooden tiles that'll help you cover up that hideous, bird poop-stained concrete and make your outdoor space waaaay more aesthetically pleasing. The tiles snap together, so you won't have to bust out your tool box to install them.

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