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    27 Sex Toys You'll Definitely Want To Order Before Valentine's Day

    Because orgasms are better than chocolate.

    1. This bestselling clitoral sucking vibrator that you'll probably end up loving more than your Valentine. Reviewers say that it can be a little tricky to find the right spot if you've never used a device like this before, but once you do, the feeling is absolutely bananas.

    2. A 2-in-1 vibrator that simulates the feeling of licking and sucking, and will give your poor partner's neck a break. It may be tiny, but reviewers say that its tongue moved at lightning speed to deliver maximum pleasure.

    3. A hand-blown glass dildo that kinda, sorta looks like it was crafted by Dale Chihuly (hello, art scholars). You can microwave it or chill it to spice things up with a bit of temperature play.

    4. The legendary Satisfyer Pro 2 that is the Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving (at least where orgasms are concerned). It simulates oral sex by using a pressure vacuum and vibrations, and reviewers are obsessed with how it can go from gentle to earth shattering with the touch of a button.

    5. Or, if you want to level up, the new and improved Satisfyer Pro 3 which uses the same pressure-wave technology to simulate oral sex. It has 11 toe-curling intensity settings that'll make you forget all your problems and feel like you've gone to heaven.

    6. This simple, yet effective massage wand that's small enough to fit in your luggage (who says you can't join the mile-high club alone?). It has eight speeds and 20 vibration patterns to choose from, so you're bound to find some you love.

    7. This pear-shaped wonder that'll give you an orgasm without even touching your body. It uses sorcery (also known as air technology) to rev you up and changes its rhythm every time you use it so you'll never get bored.

    8. A set of silicone butt plugs that'll give you a bejewelled booty. They have artificial crystals at their bases, so you're basically getting yourself Valentine's Day jewelry — only it's for your butt.

    9. Or a butt plug vibrator that can be used with a remote control to keep your partner guessing. Reviewers say that it's the perfect size and will rock your world with its 10 vibration modes.

    10. A flexible penis dildo that feels like the real deal and can be suctioned onto almost any surface. Reviewers say it's the perfect size (it's 8.27 inches) and really hits the spot.

    11. An OG Magic Wand, because you don't need to mess with perfection. It's been on the market for over 50 years and reviewers are obsessed with how powerful it is.

    12. A stylish stainless steel vibrator that's pretty enough to be worn as jewelry. Can any of their other necklaces can give them an orgasm? I think not.

    13. A sleek and simple vibrator that doesn't need any extra bells and whistles to get you going. It has ten speeds and reviewers say it's the perfect option for people who don't get off via penetration.

    14. A Womanizer wand that uses air technology to bless you with some insane orgasms. It has eight levels of intensity and reviewers say it works its magic in mere seconds and can get them to climax multiple times in a single sesh.

    15. A crystal dildo that could probably be mistaked for a Sailor Moon cosplay wand. It'll probably be the cutest thing in your entire collection and reviewers say it feels great, too.

    16. A palm-sized clitoral vibrator with two horns to double your fun. It's super powerful and is equipped with a ton of vibration patterns that'll keep you guessing until you climax.

    17. A vibrating prostate massager that'll amp up your anal play with its unique array of shakes and quakes. Reviewers love how powerful and versatile it is, and say it's especially good for partner-play thanks to its remote control.

    18. A fancy G-spot rabbit vibrator that simultaneously uses air pulses on your clitoris to take you on one heck of a ride. The wand and clitoral vibrators can be controlled independently, so you really can tailor your vibe to suit your needs.

    19. A dual-ended vibrator that's got two prongs and is sure to start your engine. Reviewers love how creative they can get with it and say its seven speeds are super powerful and orgasm-inducing.

    20. A C-shaped clitoral vibrator that has ten settings and can be remote-controlled from up to 32 feet away. Reviewers are into how versatile this toy is and love how it can be used to elevate a ton of different positions.

    21. A sonic pulsating massager that looks shockingly similar to an ocarina (have I been playing to much Zelda? Probably). It has eight settings and reviewers say it can even get them to climax at its lowest setting, which is pretty darn impressive.

    22. A textured finger massager with nine vibration patterns that'll basically give you the Midas touch of sex (hello, who doesn't want that?). It's remote controlled and has a curved tip that targets the G-spot, so you won't have to put in any extra work.

    23. A pulsating cock ring that can be stretched to fit any shaft. It's also designed to stimulate the clitoris, so your hands won't have to put in any extra work down below.

    24. A unique little wand that works as clitoris stimulator and dildo vibrator. It has ten speeds to choose from and is designed to act like a tongue to really enhance your experience. Orgasms, ahoy!

    25. A eight-speed colourful mini bullet that you can hide in plain sight with your makeup collection. Lipstick or vibrator? Only you will know.

    26. A clitoral vibrator with eight unique vibrations that targets your G-spot and will caress your bod into climaxing.

    27. And finally, a bottle of water-based lube to make sure everything goes smoothly in the bedroom 😉. To quote Sebastian the crab, "darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me."

    Have a fun and safe Valentine's Day, friends.

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