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    32 Sex Toys That'll Give You Multiple Orgasms In Summer 2020

    Summer is looking sexy.

    1. A 2-in-1 vibrator that simulates the feeling of licking and sucking, and will give your poor partner's neck a break. It may be tiny, but reviewers say that its tongue moves at lightning speed to deliver maximum pleasure.

    2. A 7-inch rose quartz wand, if you want to add a touch of woo woo to your sex life. You could easily display this baby with your collection of crystals and no one would know that you get down and dirty with it.

    3. Give yourself the gift of back-to-back orgasms this summer with the legendary Satisfyer Pro 2. It simulates oral sex by using a pressure vacuum and vibrations, and reviewers are obsessed with how it can go from gentle to earth shattering with the touch of a button.

    4. This minimalistic G-spot vibrator that doesn't need any extra bells and whistles to get the job done. It has over 1,000 positive reviews and people say the curved shape makes it easy to get all up in your erogenous zone.

    5. This bestselling sucking vibrator that'll rock your world with its ten suction and vibration patterns. Reviewers say that it can be a little tricky to find the right spot if you've never used a device like this before, but once you do, the feeling is absolutely bananas.

    6. A cordless Magic Wand, because why mess with perfection? It's been on the market for over 50 years and reviewers say it gives them multiple orgasms in a single sesh (something we all aspire to).

    7. A flexible penis dildo that feels like the real deal and can be suctioned onto almost any surface. Reviewers say it's the perfect size (it's 8.27 inches) and really hits the spot.

    8. Or, if you want to put a little motion in your ocean, this remote-controlled vibrating dildo with eight orgasm-inducing speeds to choose from. It can suction to almost any hard surface for hands-free fun and reviewers say the heating function is awesome, if you're a fan of temperature play.

    9. This Dame vibrator with an angled tip and cupped face that can be used to hit all your pleasure points. It has five patterns and five intensities, giving you a lot more variety than your average bullet.

    10. This pear-shaped toy that'll give you an orgasm without even touching your body. It uses sorcery (also known as air pulse technology) to rev you up and changes its rhythm every time you use it, so you'll never get bored.

    11. A downright massive glass dildo (it's a whopping 11.8 inches), if you live by the rule that bigger actually is better. Reviewers love the textured shaft and say that it's their favourite toy for temperature play.

    12. A fancy stainless steel vibrator that's totally inconspicuous and pretty enough to be worn as jewelry. Can any of your other necklaces give you an orgasm? I think not.

    13. A set of silicone butt plugs in various sizes, so you can train your way up. Reviewers describe them as firm, yet flexible and say they're easy to clean (especially in comparison to beads).

    14. A C-shaped gadget that has ten settings and can be remote-controlled from up to ten metres away. Reviewers are into how versatile this toy is and love how it can be used to elevate a ton of different positions.

    15. A double-sided jelly dildo, so that you and your partner can get your rocks off at the same time (sharing is caring). Reviewers love how it's simultaneously firm and flexible, and doesn't have the plastic-y smell that many jelly toys do.

    16. A wearable ten-speed vibrator that you can slide into your underwear that'll keep things ~spicy~ wherever you go. It comes with a remote, but you can also connect it to your phone (or your partner's phone) with the help of the free We-Vibe app.

    17. The Womanizer Liberty that has all the functions of a full-sized air pulse toy, but is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It comes with a click-on cap to keep it clean and germ free when you're travelling or toting it around.

    18. A dual-ended vibrator that can be used anywhere on your body and will get you going in no time. Reviewers love how creative they can get with it and say that its seven speeds are super powerful and orgasm-inducing.

    19. A 50 Shades of Grey rabbit vibe that'll allow you to play out your Christian Grey fantasies IRL (Jamie Dornan is not included, my sincerest apologies). It has a pulsating head, ears that flick, and can thrust away for a whole hour when fully charged.

    20. A tiny Durex bullet vibrator that's under $20, but performs like a million bucks. Sometimes good things really do come in small packages, y'all.

    21. A magical little wand that works magic as both a clitoris stimulator and dildo vibrator. It has ten speeds to choose from and is designed to move like a tongue to really enhance your experience. Orgasms, ahoy!

    22. A fancy G-spot rabbit vibrator that simultaneously uses air pulses on the outside and shakes and quakes on the inside to take you on one heck of a ride. The wand and exterior vibrators can be controlled independently, so you really can tailor your vibe to suit your needs.

    23. A high-frequency vibrator that'll flick that bean like never before with its oscillating antenna. You can also flip it and reverse it, using the wide end to get all up in you and target your G-spot. Reviewers say it's super powerful and even puts some of their luxury sex toys to shame.

    24. A remote-controlled vibrating egg that will shake and quake you all the way to climax without making a peep (essential if you have roommates). Reviewers say it's surprisingly powerful for its size, so it turns out good things really do come in small packages.

    25. This simple, yet effective massage wand that can be used in the boudoir and to massage out knots on any other part of your body (we love a multipurpose product!). It has 25 vibration modes to choose from, so you're bound to find some you love.

    26. A tongue-shaped vibrator that is equipped with ten vibration patterns and rotates 360° to get at every sweet spot. Yes, it looks a little bonkers, but sometimes weird is good, y'all.

    27. A three-pack of erection-enhancing rings that can be used solo or in combination to take your sex life to the next level. Reviewers say it helps them last longer and keeps them rock hard until they reach their climax.

    28. This curvy vibrating doodad that comes with a remote control for hands-free pleasure and couple play. Reviewers say it's one heck of a prostate massager and that it delivers back-to-back orgasms every time.

    29. A bullet vibrator that's shaped like an actual tube of lipstick, so you can hide it in plain sight amongst your mattes and glosses. It has ten vibration modes and reviewers are obsessed with how powerful it is.

    30. A textured finger massager with nine vibration patterns that'll basically give you the Midas touch of sex (hello, who doesn't want that?). It's remote controlled and has a curved tip that targets the G-spot, so you won't have to put in any extra work.

    31. This textured vibrator with twelve vibration modes that'll keep you guessing until you reach peak pleasure. Reviewers love that it's soft and powerful at the same time, and say it gets them to climax long before they reach the highest setting.

    32. And finally, a bottle of water-based gel lubricant, because sex is better when it's wetter. It's certified organic and doesn't contain any damaging chemicals or fragrances, so it won't irritate your most sensitive areas.

    You looking at yourself in the mirror before breaking in your new toys:

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