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    24 Products You Probably Need If You Just Really Love “Schitt’s Creek”

    They're simply the best.

    1. A coffee mug that features everyone's favourite sassy and classy matriarch, Moira Rose. It'll spread the news to everyone in your Zoom call that you are not putting up with any of their Schitt today.

    A cartoon of Moira Rose saying, "I'd kill for a good coma right now"

    2. A cloth face mask with lil' illustrations of David and Alexis that calls out the grossness of Covid (because it's more disgusting of any of David's antics). It has an internal pocket, so you can slide in a filter for added protection.

    A person wearing the "Ew, Covid." face mask in their car

    3. A set of wooden pencils that you can use to write all your Schitt's Creek fanfic (or your work notes, whatever). They're engraved with iconic quotes from the show that'll give you a lol while you're getting down to business.

    4. A vintage-inspired graphic tee with the art for the hottest horror flick to never grace the big screen, The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening. It's made of super-soft, lightweight cotton, making it great for layering.

    A person wearing the top with high-waisted jeans

    5. A colouring book packed with line drawings of your favourite scenes, quotes, and characters. If you want to amp up your art skills, you could even try copying some of the line drawings in the book freehand.

    Three colouring books stacked on top of each other

    6. A three-pack of Rosebud Motel keychains that'll make you feel like you're checking in every time you enter your apartment (sadly, Stevie won't be there to greet you). It's oversized, making it easy to find, even in the depths of your bottomless tote.

    Two keychains with keys attached to them on a wooden table

    7. A stainless steel initial necklace that'll have you feeling a little bit Alexis. It's more of a statement piece than dainty nameplate necklaces, but still looks great layered with other chains.

    8. A Café Tropical crewneck that Twyla would probably proudly rock herself (unfortunately, I don't think the Blouse Barn sells them). If you love moderately edible food and "meadow harvest" smoothies, this is the pullover for you.

    The sweater surrounded by a phone, sunglasses and leaves

    9. This welcome sign pin that you can use to jazz up your backpack or jean jacket. Just remember to tell people to get their minds out of the gutter if they question what's going on in the picture (it's his sister).

    The button above the pocket on a jean jacket

    10. A pack of vinyl stickers that you can use to personalize your computer if you think it needs a bit of a makeover. They'll also help you cover up pesky scratches, making your device look brand-spankin' new.

    The vinyl stickers on the top of a laptop next to a candle and eucalyptus

    11. This stylish wide brim hat that looks like it belongs in Alexis's wardrobe. It's made of sturdy wool felt, so it'll keep your noggin' warm on fall and winter walks.

    A person wearing the hat with a floral shirt and checkered vest

    12. A spiral-bound notebook that'll encourage you to socially distance yourself from everyone and everything. It's lined inside, making it great for lecture notes and journalling.

    The notebook on a table surrounded by pencil crayons and paper clips

    13. This eco-friendly phone case with the Rose Apothecary logo that'll keep your gadget protected at all times. It's made of organic ingredients (like soil, rice, soybeans, and wheat), so you can just bury it in your garden to compost when you're ready to switch it out.

    The case on a phone next to a plant and paper bag

    14. A splashproof cooking apron that'll keep you mess free when you're folding the cheese into your enchilada filling. It has a handy pocket on the front where you can store your phone and cooking tools while you mix.

    15. A neoprene lip balm pouch with Alexis's favourite line on it, because she'd probably to say it to David if he had chapped lips, too. It comes with a keyring, so you can keep all of your essentials together in your bag.

    A person holding the "Ew, David" lip balm pouch by the ring

    16. A minimalist necklace with one of David's deepest quotes about his sexuality etched into it. If you're more about the wine than the label, this bauble deserves a spot in your jewelry box.

    17. An illustrated print of Moira's many wigs that'll encourage you to try out a new hairstyle every dang day. Don't forget to give them all names — they deserve to be treated with respect.

    The print of Moira's wigs in a living room next to a vase

    18. A unisex Rose Apothecary crewneck sweater that'll keep you warm and toasty from episode one all the way through to the finale. Reviewers say it's super soft, so you'll probably never want to take it off.

    The sweater hung up beside a Christmas tree

    19. And a matching Rose Apothecary tote that you can use to carry all your goodies home from the general store. It's made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester, so it's a little easier on the environment, too.

    The bag hanging from a rack

    20. A slim, handmade bangle that'll remind you just how awesome your journey is (à la Alexis Rose). It's great for stacking or wearing solo, if you love a more minimalist look.

    A person wearing the bangle with a fuzzy sweater

    21. A Rosebud Motel mug that'll make you feel like you're enjoying your coffee and continental breakfast there IRL. It features a cinnamon bun graphic, because no meal is complete without one of Ivan's pastries.

    22. This flowy boho dress that Alexis would totally rock (while doing community service or not). Just add a floppy hat and some thigh-high boots, and you'll be ready to take the world by storm.

    23. A gold keychain stamped with the title of the adorable Tina Turner tune That Patrick serenaded David with (and vice versa). Thanks to its petite size, you could totally string it on a chain and wear it as a necklace.

    A keychain that says, "simply the best"

    24. And finally, a welcome mat that'll remind your delivery person (or anyone that comes to your door) that you are not into socializing right now. It has rubber backing, so it won't slide around your floor while your wiping your shoes.

    The doormat on top of a small patterned carpet

    Cheers to living like the Rose family every day.

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