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    21 Running Products You’ll Love Whether You’re a Beginner Or A Seasoned Pro

    Whether you’re just starting out or training for a marathon, these products will make running infinitely better.

    1. A pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that won’t fall out when you break into a sprint. They’ll also block out sound so you can really get down to business to defeat your run. (Just make sure to stay aware of the world around you — stay safe!)

    2. A pair of lightweight winter running gloves so that you can break a sweat even in below-zero temps. They're also touchscreen compatible, so you can change your playlist without freezing your fingers off.

    3. A stick of anti-chafe body balm that rolls on like deodorant and will keep any redness or irritation at bay.

    4. A flexible hands-free leash made of bungee material that'll make running with your dog easy. The waistband will absorb your dog’s pulls and changes in direction without causing you to lose balance, so you can sprint without fear of taking a dive.

    5. A sporty smart watch with a built-in GPS that'll log the distance, speed, and route of your runs, so that you can track your progress.

    6. An all-natural energy gel to replenish your electrolytes on a long run. These packs are small enough to slip into a running belt or armband, making them much more convenient than a bottled beverage.

    7. A pair of neon no-tie shoelaces that'll turn your running shoes into slip-ons. They also might save your life because they won't undo and trip you up mid-run.

    8. A pair of running lights to make sure you're shining bright like a diamond on your nighttime sprints. They may not be pretty, but they may save you from a nasty collision.

    9. A weighted vest if running is just too easy and you need to make it more of a challenge. It has pockets that you can fill with even more weights (or snacks, whatever).

    10. A super-stretchy armband that can hold your phone, wallet, keys and, snacks, and more so that you don't have to worry about dropping your treasures when you kick things into high gear.

    11. A soft and stretchy headband that can be styled a ton of different ways. Great for keeping your eyes (and bangs) sweat-free.

    12. A high-impact sports bra that'll keep your boobs from bouncing around while you run. This one's highly recommended by ladies with bigger busts.

    13. A quick-dry hat that will shield you from the sun, soak up your sweat, and stop strangers from making eye contac with you, too.

    14. A bottle of Anti-Monkey Butt powder that’ll help mask the smell of sweat and reduce moisture. It’s also great for blisters and chafing, if you find yourself running into those issues (pun intended).

    15. A two-litre hydration backpack that'll save you from having to tote around a massive bottle of water on long runs. It also has a pocket that you can stow your phone, food, and any extra junk in.

    16. Or, if you want something a bit less intense, there’s this multi-functional fanny pack that’s basically a sporty tool belt with pockets and slots for water bottles.

    17. A set of odour-destroying insoles so that you don't totally stink up your apartment when you return from your run. Trust me, your roommates will thank you.

    18. A portable foam roller to work out any aches and pains after your run. It helps with balance, strengthening, flexibility, and rehab exercises, and may just save you an expensive trip to a physiotherapist.

    19. A pair of anti-blister running socks that'll also keep your feet from getting super-sweaty.

    20. A gentle face sunscreen, so you don't burn your precious skin while clocking kilometres.

    21. And finally, a pair of squat-proof yoga pants that'll take you from the gym to the track. These ones have a waistband pocket and side pockets so you can carry your essentials with you, too.

    You on your way to crush your run: