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    29 Unique And Quirky Things That'll Make Your Apartment A Less Boring Place To Live

    You deserve better than boring.

    1. This flower egg separator that you can pop onto any glass or ramekin (don't worry, the petals will hold it in place). The yolk will stay in the top section, while the whites trickle down into the bottom compartment, shaving time and mess off your meal prep.

    A person cracking an egg into the flower

    2. A cereal bowl candle that looks like a tiny bowl of Froot Loops. It'll give you a healthy dose of nostalgia, without you having to plaster your apartment with weird knickknacks from the '90s.

    The cereal bowl candle on a tablecloth

    3. This laundry punching bag with a carry handle that makes it easy to hang and tote to your laundry room. Not only will it look cool in your closet, but you can also use it when you need to take out a bit of rage (the fuller it is, the better).

    A person punching the filled bag

    4. This avocado-covered doorway curtain that'll keep your spaces separate, without the addition of a door. Reviewers say it's also great for blocking off closets.

    The curtain covering a door

    5. A set of cow print sheets that's udder-ly adorable and will make you want to ditch your boring bedding for good. You can grab the matching duvet cover, too, if you want to update your entire sleeping situation.

    The cow print bed sheets on a bed

    6. An adorable cactus-shaped bottle brush set that'll help you get up into even the smallest nooks and crannies of your canteens. They come in a handy water-draining pot, so you won't have to worry about your cleaning tools collecting germs.

    7. An Andy Warhol Lego set that's trickier than those rockets and castles you made when you were a kid and will give you some new art to display when it's completed. It has 3,332 pieces, so prepare to be working on it for a while.

    8. A pack of cute cable accessories that'll keep your wires in place. They'll also save your old cords from fraying when they're on their last legs, so you won't have to buy new ones.

    An avocado cable protector on a phone cord

    9. A pair of magnetic clouds that'll keep your scissors and paperclips from disappearing under that chaos that lives on your desk. Reviewers love keeping them by their entryways to hold their keys, so their essentials never go MIA.

    Two clouds holding paperclips and scissors

    10. An Apple remote cover that'll protect your clicker from spills and scratches. It looks like a vintage game controller, so it won't look out of place next to your N64.

    Two remotes stacked on top of each other next to a bowl of popcorn

    11. A fruit-inspired storage bin that you can use to stash your treasures. The soft construction means you can fold it down when you're not using it, so it won't take up a ton of cupboard real estate.

    12. A double-walled coffee cup with a teddy bear face that won't scorch your hands when it's full of hot coffee. It's made of condensation-resistant borosilicate glass, so it won't get covered in beads of condensation if you're using it for a frosty beverage, either.

    13. A casette-shaped charcuterie board, because if you could write a love song to anything, it would be cheese. It'll also double as kitchen decor, making your cooking space a bit more stylish.

    The cheese board with cheese, crackers, and grapes on it

    14. This sushi pushpin set that'll add a little extra somethin' to your desk and save you from getting pricked by your stationery supplies. The holder doubles as an eraser, so you can use it to buff away mistakes, too.

    The sushi pushpin set on a desk

    15. A wormy bookmark with a wriggly bod that'll weave in and out of your pages. If you're always losing your place, this little buddy will save you a ton of annoyance.

    The bookmark inside of a book

    16. A sturdy long-necked dino that'll hold your toilet paper (or paper towel) rolls, so you won't have to stash them under your sink. Not only does it look adorbs, but it'll allow you to easily snatch a new roll when the old one runs out.

    17. A pack of light-up lightsaber chopsticks that'll make you feel like Luke Skywalker every time you sit down for a meal. Now all you have to do is choose your side: Jedis or Siths (don't worry, the set comes with both).

    Two pairs of chopsticks

    18. A set of handmade wrist rests that'll be the purr-fect addition to your work-from-home station. If your arms ache after long days at your desk, you probably need these in your life.

    A person's hands resting on the wrist rest

    19. A tulip cushion that'll add some flower power to your living room or bedroom. It's an adorable accent piece and will give you something to snuggle when you need a bit of TLC.

    The pillow on the back of a couch

    20. This pouty plant pot that'll give your favourite cactus or succulent a quirky place to call home. If you aren't a plant parent, you can use it to store lil' trinkets and treasures on your bedside table.

    21. A cute salad-saving bowl that you can use to store and transport your leafy greens. It has a tomato-shaped strainer at the base, so your leaves won't be stuck sitting in a pool of water.

    The salad saver on a kitchen counter

    22. A ceramic mug that celebrates the best thing in the world: good booty! If you like big butts (or any other butts, really) and you cannot lie, this is the drinking vessel for you.

    A person holding the mug next to a statue

    23. A Cat Tarot deck, because, let's face it, felines are the wisest creatures in the animal kingdom. The set includes a guidebook, so you won't have to be a seasoned purrr-o to use it.

    The cards laid out next to their box

    24. A busty concrete magnet that'll keep your important memos and bills stuck firmly to your fridge. Honestly, it'll be the breast magnet in your entire collection, so you'll probably want to buy multiples.

    Three busty magnets on a fridge door, one of them is holding a memo

    25. A palm reader jewellery stand that'll give all your baubles a mystical place to call home. Plus, it'll teach you a thing or two about the art of reading head lines and heart lines.

    The palm reader jewelry stand with various pieces of jewelry on it

    26. A pack of pineapple shower curtain hooks that'll add some subtle tropical vibes to your bathroom. If you want to go the extra mile, throw the matching shower curtain in your cart, too.

    The clips on a shower curtain

    27. An eggy bath mat, so you won't take a dive on your slippery bathroom floor when you step out of the shower. It has rubber backing, so it'll stay firmly in place while you shake off extra water and whip your hair back and forth.

    28. A silicone ice cube tray that'll craft skull-shaped cubes and make your chilled beverages look cooler than ever. Reviewers reccommend using filtered water to ensure your cubes come out crystal clear (with tap water, they’ll come out a little on the foggy side).

    29. And finally, a cactus humidifier that'll keep your apartment from feeling dry and stuffy. Reviewers say it's great for anyone who owns a lot of greenery and wants to create a ~tropical atmosphere~ for their plant babies.

    The cactus humidifier on a desk

    If these products could talk, they'd say:

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