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    33 Products That Will Clean Every Nook And Cranny Of Your Home

    Time to get down to business.

    1. An electric fabric shaver that'll remove the pilled-up lint that's accumulated on your carpet, furniture, and sheets. You can also use it on clothes, which is obviously a major win.

    2. A container of gel cleaning putty that you can use to peel the dirt off your keyboard, car dashboard, air conditioner, and pretty much everything else you own. It feels like slime, so it's super fun to use, too.

    3. A bottle of wood restoring solution that removes everything from water rings to light scratches. If your furniture has been put through the wringer, this may be the solution to your problems.

    4. A pack of magic sponge cloths to clean up all your messes. They can absorb 20 times their own weight in water, which means you won't have to use up an entire roll of paper towels if you have a cooking crisis or a wine spill.

    5. A flexible coil brush that'll help you get every speck of dust, pet hair, and lint out of your dryer and vents. It has a rubber tip to save your appliances from getting scratched up while you clean.

    6. A dual-ended laptop cleaning device that can sweep your keyboard and clean your screen, because nobody wants to work on a gadget covered in stray cookie crumbs and fingerprint smears.

    7. Or a mini cleaning brush and pen that can really get into those hard-to-reach places. You should probably grab one for your office desk while you're at it.

    8. A bottle of miracle liquid cleanser that can be used on copper, tile, ceramic, porcelain and stainless steel. It'll help you clean your entire apartment without a thousand different sprays and gels, and probably save you some money, too.

    9. A handheld grout scrubber that'll get in between your bathroom tiles to brush out built-up grime. Reviewers say it does an awesome job with just a bit of vinegar and baking soda.

    10. A set of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that are more flexible than the OG Magic Eraser, meaning you can get them into tinier nooks and crannies.

    11. A multiuse brush and dustpan combo that'll help you sweep up messes and groom your pet. Reviewers love how it even gets pet hair out of carpets and rugs.

    12. A bottle of Goo Gone that'll clean up gluey and gooey messes in no time. From gum to glitter, this stuff works on pretty much everything.

    13. Or a grout pen that’ll cover up more permanent blemishes between your tiles in a few easy strokes. They're anti-bacterial and help prevent mould from reappearing.

    14. A pack of biodegradable cleaning wipes that break down two to five times faster than leading natural and conventional cleaners, so you'll feel less guilty when you're cleaning your entire house with them. They're also packaged using solar energy and recyclable materials.

    15. A bottle of bestselling leather conditioner that'll breathe a second life into everything from your couch to your computer chair. It can also be used to protect new leather, so go ahead and slather it on your bags, furniture, and everything else you own.

    16. A mini power scrubber that's basically an electric toothbrush for all your home cleaning needs. Reviewers say it's great for scrubbing gunk out of grout and tiles, and is even awesome for shining tarnished jewelry.

    17. A cooktop cleaning kit that'll get rid of any gunk on your stovetop without scratching its surface. Reviewers say this kit is better than anything they've used before and works some serious magic on burnt-on messes.

    18. A mini drain snake that'll get rid of all thay nasty stuff that's clogging up your sink and tub. This one has 4,000 micro-hooks and extends to 18 inches, so you should easily be able to locate and remove the source of your problems.

    19. A rubber broom that can rid your carpets of pet hair, squeegee your windows, and clean up spills on your floors. Reviewers love how it's not just a one-trick pony and say it works better than any regular broom they've tried.

    20. A pair of comfy cleaning slippers that'll sweep your floors while you take care of other chores (or wander aimlessly around your house). They're made of a soft chenille material that'll get dust and debris off hardwood, linoleum, and tile flooring.

    21. A soap-dispensing scrub brush that'll conveniently cover your dirty dishes in suds while you clean them. The strong bristles are great for loosening up burnt-on food and will get your pots and pans sparkling in no time.

    22. Or a coconut scrub pad if you're aiming to be a bit more eco-friendly. It's 100% organic and biodegrdable, and won't scratch delicate surfaces.

    23. A flexible, multipurpose squeegee that can clean both wet and dry messes. It'll save you tons of sponges and paper towels, and doesn't cost much more.

    24. A roll of machine washable bamboo sheets that are stronger and more absorbent than typical paper towels. They're soft enough to wipe your face with, so you can use them in place of wash cloths, too.

    25. A bottle of plant-based cleaner that works on all types of surfaces and will leave your space smelling citrusy and fresh. Reviewers say it works wonders for small kitchen messes.

    26. A pack of washer cleaner tablets that are more effective than bleach and will save you from having to scrub down your entire machine. All you need to do is throw one in, set your washer for a regular cycle, and let it do its thing.

    27. A toilet cleaning stamp that cleans away stains and rings with every flush. It's also scented, so your bathroom will always smell fresh, no matter what goes on in there.

    28. A pack of garbage disposer cleaner that scrubs, cleans, and degreases your drain all by itself. The packets are biodegradable, so you don't have to worry about creating unnecessary waste, either.

    29. A pack of Keurig cleaning cups that'll remove any oil residue and grossness from your favourite appliance. Reviewers say their coffee tastes fresher and better after using one of these.

    30. A carpet and upholstery brush with sturdy bristles to loosen up dirt and debris. Reviewers say it's an awesome tool for deep-cleaning sessions.

    31. A revolutionary TubShroom that’ll trap hair before it goes down the drain, keeping it clog free. This gadget will probably save you from hiring a plumber and fighting with your roommate over who's going to clean all of the gross stuff out of your bathtub.

    32. A bottle of stain and odour eliminator that'll get rid of pet messes in just a few spritzes. Reviewers say it works on pee, poop, vomit, and pretty much every other gross thing your pet does.

    33. And finally, a non-toxic lavender and green tea candle that'll banish pet smells and make your home smell like a million bucks instead of a zoo. It can burn for up to 70 hours, so you'll get plenty of use out of it.

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