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    27 Products That Your Parents Would Be Proud Of You For Owning

    Because their approval is still important.

    1. A four-compartment silicone tray that you can use to freeze your favourite soups and sauces. Now you'll always have prepped food and won't have to rely on your delivery apps.

    2. A leakproof garbage can, because your backseat is starting to look messier than your childhood bedroom. You can clip it to your centre console or seat, so it won't tip over when you make a sharp turn.

    A car garbage bag attached to the centre console of a car

    3. A handy business planner that'll help you turn your passion project into a full time job, so you can finally stop mooching off your 'rents. It covers everything from budgeting to using social media to identifying your ideal market, and even includes nuggets of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs.

    4. A pack of index cards and protective cases that'll help get you prepped for your exams ahead of time, so you're almost guaranteed an A. Now they can brag about your GPA to their friends, which — let's face it — is every parent's favourite pastime.

    A index card case filled with index cards and dividers

    5. A pair of security cameras that'll hook up to your smartphone, so you always know what's happening inside and outside your house. It has two-way audio, meaning you can kindly ask your delivery person to leave your packages at your door.

    6. A pack of drain-cleaning and deodorizing sticks that'll save you from calling your parents every time your pipes get clogged. Reviewers say they're more effective than most traditional liquid drain cleaners and leave their bathrooms smelling great, too.

    7. A bottle of all-natural shoe-deodorizing spray with a refreshing peppermint scent, because they know just how stinky your kicks can be. You can also spray it directly onto your soles to soothe your aching feet after a long day.

    The bottle of shoe spray in front of a person's shoes

    8. A set of classic Lodge pan scrapers that'll easily scrub hardened-on bits of food off your cookware, so you're not tempted to continue cooking with a dirty pan. Reviewers love that they can use them while pans are still hot and don't have to worry about them melting.

    9. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that'll make cleaning up messes in hard-to-reach places a lot easier. They're more flexible than the OG Magic Eraser, meaning you can get them into tinier nooks and crannies.

    10. A wooden recipe holder that lists measurement conversions, so it'll be helpful even when it's not propping up a cookbook or tablet. Now you won't accidentally butcher one of your grandma's famous recipes because your math is off.

    11. A budget planner packed with bill-tracking spreads, spending logs, and budget-savvy checklists. It'll help you track your saving and spending, and map out your financial plans for the future.

    The inside pages of the budget planner

    12. A bottle of non-toxic stain remover made with renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients, instead of harsh chemicals. Reviewers say it can remove dirt, blood, food, and just about every other mess.

    A person holding a bottle of stain remover in front of a plant

    13. A pack of reusable interdental brushes that are way more effective than traditional floss and are especially great if you have permanent retainers. They have soft nylon bristles and are small enough to fit in your pocket, so you'll never be stuck with food in your teeth.

    14. A genius door doodad that'll prop your washing machine open enough to let air circulate, so that mould and mildew can't build up inside your washer's rubber gasket. Reviewers say that it's way better than leaving the door wide open because it saves space (essential if your laundry appliances are in a high-traffic area of your home).

    A washing machine doodad propping open the machine's door

    15. A set of pumice stone wands that'll scrub away stubborn stains and make your toilet bowl sparkle. You can also use them to buff away dead skin on your feet when you're giving yourself an at-home pedicure (probably save a clean one for that, though).

    A toilet covered in stains and the same toilet bowl after being cleaned with a pumice stone wand

    16. A splurge-worthy robotic vacuum that will suck up every last crumb on your floor so your home stays spotless and sparkling at all times. It automatically empties and recharges, so can be as lazy as you want. You can even schedule your cleaning seshes!

    17. A adjustable kitchen mat that'll keep your dishes from clanging against the bottom of your sink and getting damaged. It comes in two pieces and can be locked together in different configurations to fit your sink.

    Two mugs in a sink on top of the kitchen mat

    18. A weekly habit-tracking notepad that'll help you stay on top of your schedule, because your parent's won't remind you everytime you have an appointment. It has designated sections where you can write out your main priorities, performance, and rewards for your achievements.

    The notepad on a table with pens and paper clips surrounding it

    19. A pack of dry cleaner sheets that are safe to use on special-care clothing and will probably save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. They remove odours and stains, and they release wrinkles, leaving your clothes looking good as new.

    A comparison of before and after using the Woolite sheets on a long-sleeved shirt

    20. An ergonomic gap-cleaning tool that'll get all up in your home's impossible-to-clean nooks and crannies (I'm looking at you, window frames and shower door tracks). The opposite end is a scraper, which is great for tackling hardened debris.

    21. A pair of silicone liner sheets that'll catch falling pieces of food, so you don't have to clean the bottom of your oven on a bi-weekly basis. They can also be used in microwaves and toaster ovens, too (just trim them to fit).

    An oven with a liner sheet on the bottom catching crumbs

    22. An pack of stovetop-cleansing sheets that are basically makeup-removing wipes for your kitchen appliances. They work on both glass cooktops and gas burners and have built-in scrubbers that'll easily remove stuck-on food.

    23. A grocery checklist, so that you never leave the supermarket without your essentials again. It has all the basics printed out, plus room for you to jot down any extras.

    A grocery checklist on a table beside a pen

    24. A mini power scrubber that's basically an electric toothbrush for all your home cleaning needs. Reviewers say it's great for scrubbing gunk out of grout and tiles, and is even awesome for shining tarnished jewelry.

    25. A honeycomb-shaped organizer that'll save your dresser drawers from becoming a sea of chaos. They'll also keep every sock with its partner, so you'll never be stuck with a mismatched pair.

    Several pairs socks in a honeycomb organizer

    26. A flexible coil brush that'll help you get every speck of dust, pet hair, and lint out of your dryer and vents, so you don't risk starting a dryer fire. It has a rubber tip to save your appliances from getting scratched up while you clean.

    A before and after photo showing the massive amount of lint this brush picked up in a dryer

    27. And finally, a pair of blind spot mirrors that'll give you a better view of your surroundings, so you stay safe and sound while you're cruising. Reviewers say they're especially great for parallel parking (if it's not exactly your strong suit).

    A blind spot mirror showing a wide view of the road on a highway

    Your parents after your Amazon order arrives:

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