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    29 Products That’ll Solve Your Annoying Problems In Under Ten Minutes

    Save yourself time and stress.

    1. A stove cleaning kit that'll make your cooktop look good as new in just a few minutes. Just apply the cream to your burners, wait a few minutes for it to sink in, and then scrub away the gunk with the spongey cleaning tool. For super stubborn messes, you can scrape off build up with the razor.

    2. A Kaja eyeliner stamp and pen set that'll give you that perfect flick without trying too hard. It comes with a dual-ended, waterproof stamp pen (with one stamp for your left eye and one for your right) and a traditional liner pen to fill everything in.

    A person using the stamp to draw a wing on their eye

    3. A 2-in-1 fabric shaver and lint roller that'll help remove pilled-up fabric and fuzz from your clothes. You can also use it on linens, like your fleece bedsheets, which is obviously a major win.

    4. A rapid egg cooker that'll whip you up a protein-packed breakfast in mere minutes. It doesn't need to be monitored, so you can take a shower or do your makeup while it gets down to business.

    The egg cooker with poached eggs inside of it

    5. This hydrating Aveeno hand mask, if your digits could use a little TLC and hand cream just isn't cutting it. Reviewers say they're great for eczema and can transform even the driest, most cracked hands.

    A person holding the hand masks in their package

    6. A tub of cup cleaner that'll dissolve those stubborn stains off your coffee mugs. It works its magic without any scrubbing, and won't leave behind any funky tastes or smells.

    7. A portable 2-in-1 dry iron and steamer, because, let's face it, your clothes live in a wrinkly pile on the floor and that's not changing anytime soon. It takes under a minute to preheat, so you can get down to business right away.

    8. An extra-long clog-removing device that'll help you fish clumps of hair and grossness out of your drain, so you won't have to hire a plumber. Reviewers love how simple it is to use (all you have to do is turn the handle) and say that it's a lot sturdier than cheaper alternatives.

    9. A bottle of Seche Vite dry fast top coat that'll set your manicure in flash. It's infused with nail-strengthening ingredients, so it'll help your claws grown long 'n' strong, too.

    A bottle of Seche Vite top coat

    10. A pack of all-natural boot-cleaning cloths that are powerful enough to remove even the toughest stains. They're also great for jackets and handbags, so go ahead and wipe down your whole wardrobe with 'em.

    11. This five-minute journal, if you have trouble holding onto memories, but don't have the time or energy to start your own DIY journal. It has quick prompts for every day, so you won't have to fuss over what to write about before putting pen to paper.

    A page inside the journal with prompts written on it

    12. A hanging compression bag that'll magically shrink your clothes and help keep your closet clutter-free. Congratulations on efficiently packing away your summer essentials until you can wear them again.

    A before and after showing jackets in and out of the compression bag

    13. A spinning makeup brush cleaner that'll cleanse and dry your beauty tools in one go. The whole process takes less than a minute, which means you'll have no excuse to use anything but clean brushes on your precious face.

    14. A roll of weatherproof double-sided tape that'll save you from messing around with hardware the next time you want to hang anything. It can hold up to 60 pounds of weight, so you can use it to mount your heaviest picture frames.

    15. A four-piece set of drill brush heads that'll transform your power tools into cleaning gadgets. From gross grout lines to fingerprint-covered window panes, your built-up dirt and grime will be no match for your new high-powered cleaning tools.

    The four brush heads on drills cleaning various areas of a bathroom

    16. A tube of Origins rescue mask that'll clear out your oily, congested pores, without irritating your skin. Reviewers say it help to banish zits and reduce inflammation in a flash.

    A person squeezing the mask onto the back of their hand

    17. A slim Keurig machine that'll make you the perfect cup of coffee in under a minute, because using a French press takes far too long when you're working on a deadline. It doesn't take up very much counter space, making it great for cramped kitchens.

    A Keurig machine dripping coffee into a cup

    18. This drawstring makeup bag that'll pack away your collection of beauty tools and eyeshadow palettes with barely any work. Toss your goodies onto it while it's in mat form and then pull the cords to turn it into a portable pouch.

    19. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that'll make cleaning up messes in hard-to-reach places a lot easier. They're more flexible than the OG Magic Eraser, meaning you can get them into tinier nooks and crannies.

    20. A handheld precision hair trimmer that'll help you rid unwanted fuzz from your nose, ears, and brows. Reviewers love how painless and intuitive it is to use and say that it doesn't leave their skin feeling itchy or irritated.

    The trimmer on a bathroom counter

    21. A bottle of Sally Hansen cuticle gel that'll break down your dehydrated cuticles in a mere 15 seconds, so you won't have to go at them with a trimmer. It's packed with moisturizing aloe and chamomile, and is also great for softening callouses, if your foot file just isn't doing it for you.

    A person holding a bottle of instant cuticle remover

    22. A portable phone-santizing pouch that'll banish harmful bacteria from your digital devices with powerful UV rays. It only takes thirty seconds to clean each side, so you barely have to take a texting break to get the job done.

    The phone sanitizing pouch on a bed with a phone half inside

    23. This handy Drybar one-step styler that'll dry, volumize, and style your locks all in one go. Now you won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools when you're running late.

    A blow-dry brush next to earrings and perfume on a tray

    24. An instant drink cooler that'll make any beverage ice cold in under a minute. Reviewers love that it saves them time when making cold brew, and say that it's great for chilling spirits, too.

    A person pouring coffee from a carafe into the drink cooler

    25. A bottle of Goo Gone that'll clean up gluey and gooey messes in no time. From gum to glitter, this stuff works on pretty much everything.

    A bottle of Goo Gone on a wooden table next to painted rocks

    26. This miracle-working IGK hair mask that'll help hydrate and repair even the dryest mane in three minutes flat. Reviewers say it leaves their damaged, heat-treated hair feeling soft as heck and smelling better than ever.

    27. These Skyn Iceland gel eye masks that'll help de-puff your under-eye area and reduce dark circles, too. They have a cooling effect, so they may help wake you up on an early morning (or after a hangover).

    28. A hand-operated sweeping gadget that'll effortlessly roll up tabletop messes. Reviewers say it's also great for picking up rubber eraser dust, so you may want to grab one before you start drafting your next essay.

    A crumb-sweeping gadget beside a pile of cracker crumbs

    29. And finally, a bottle of Living Proof dry shampoo that will make your dirty hair feel clean without even stepping in the shower (because let's face it, hygiene is not our top priority ATM). It also makes for a stellar texturizing spray, if you want to add a little body to your 'do.

    A bottle of dry shampoo on its side

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