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    32 Products You Probably Need If You Love Plants More Than People

    My ferns are my friends.

    1. This nerdy plant pin that's perfect for anyone wants to jazz up their jean jacket or backpack. It's backed with two rubber-backed pins for extra security, so you won't have to worry about it sliding off your stuff.

    A person holding the plant pin in front of greenery

    2. A pack of nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes that are packed with vitamins to keep your greenery happy and healthy. They can even help revive those on the verge of death and save you from unnecessary plant funerals.

    3. A macrame plant holder that'll make even your plastic plant pot look like a million bucks. It's made of recycled cotton, which is a little easier on the environment than synthetic blends.

    4. A lil' soy wax candle that looks like a tiny terrarium with cacti inside. Heck, this itty bitty desert is so adorable you may never want to burn it.

    A terrarium candle on a table in front of a potted cactus

    5. This dainty leaf-shaped ring that looks pretty solo and stacked with other bands. It's made of sterling silver, so it won't leave a weird green line behind when you take it off.

    A person wearing the monstera ring

    6. A metallic plant mister that looks pretty enough to display in your living room, and is great for watering more delicate tropical plants and air plants. You can also fill it with a natural pesticide (like a eucalyptus oil solution), if you're having trouble with bugs.

    The mister beside a potted cactus

    7. This weekly to-do list with cartoon doodles that'll help you breakdown every task you need to tackle every day (like watering your plants). It has space for your daily priorities, plus a section for extra notes and things you need to remember.

    Two plant-themed to-do lists stacked on top of each other

    8. A versatile banana leaf tapestry that'll give your room a healthy dose of greenery, without giving you the responsibility of becoming a plant parent. You can also use it as a table cloth, if you're throwing a dinner party and want to spruce up your spread.

    A bed in front of the banana leaf tapestry on a bedroom wall

    9. A pair of monstera-printed cropped leggings that'll show off your love for plants when you're working up a sweat. They have reflective accents that'll keep you visible when you're jogging at night and two built-in pockets where you can stash your stuff.

    10. This ceramic sloth-shaped planter that'll hug your plants as they grow. It can also be used as a trinket dish, if you're looking for a place to store your keys and miscellaneous baubles.

    11. This monstera keychain that every proud plant parent should probably own. The metallic ring and accents will make it easy to find, even in the depths of your darkest tote.

    The plant person keychain on a set of keys

    12. This artsy plant pot with a loopy line drawing that'll double as home decor. It's tall enough that your plant's roots will have room to grow, so you won't have to worry about transplanting them as they bud and blossom.

    A line drawing pot with a pothos inside

    13. A velvet plant basket that you can use to hide a boring terracotta pot. If you're not a plant parent, you can use it to store hand towels, beauty products, or anything else that's cluttering up your space.

    Several plants inside velvet plant baskets on a table

    14. A pair of crew socks that are covered in illustrated flora and fauna. If you want to add an adorable pop of colour to your fall ensemble, these are sure to do the trick.

    15. A Click and Grow indoor garden, if you want to start gardening, but don't want to get your hands dirty. It'll allow you to grow your own produce from scratch at a speedy pace, saving you $$$ at the grocery store.

    16. A dozen reusable garden markers that'll help you remember what's growing where. It comes with chalk that you can use to write out the names of all your herbs and plants.

    Four reusable garden markers in a flower box filled with plants

    17. These dangly acrylic earrings that look like little leaves and will make more of a statement than your basic studs. Because they're made of plastic, they won't drag your lobes down to the ground (which is obviously a major plus).

    18. A petite glass vial that you can turn into an adorable lil' propagation station for your plant clippings. Thanks to its size, you can display it on a slimmer windowsill or ledge.

    Plant clippings in the vial vase

    19. A pair of semi-sheer stocking covered with polka dots and leaves that'll add a botanical twist to your fall ensembles. They'll hit above your belly button and have a super-stretchy elastic waistband, so they won't roll or bunch while you're wearing 'em.

    20. This cat-inspired plant pot that'll make any small succulent look like absolute purr-fection. It's got three little legs that'll give your greenery some extra height, so it doesn't get lost among the other trinkets and treasures on your desk.

    The cat-shaped plant pot on top of a pile of books

    21. This duvet cover set with a monstera pattern on one side and stripes on the other, so you can choose your own adventure. It has a zipper closure, meaning it's a lot less finicky than button-up covers.

    22. A seagrass basket that'll give one of your larger plants a prettier place to call home. It has handles on either side, making it easy to move your greenery from room to room when you want to redecorate.

    A plant in the basket

    23. A set of prism wall decorations that are perfect for perching air plants on. You can also weave vines through them, if your lengthier plants need a bit of extra support.

    The wall behind a bed covered in six prism wall decorations.

    24. A pack of fake tropical leaves that are made of fabric and will make your home look like a greenhouse, but require zero watering or attention. The stems are totally flexible, so you can make them fit into almost any plant pot or vase.

    Fake tropical plant leaves in two vases on a table

    25. This 1000-piece jigaw puzzle covered in colourful cacti, succulents, and flowers that'll take you a while to complete, and will be so soothing to look at once it's done. Plus, it'll peel you away from your digital devices, which your eyes and fingers will thank you for.

    26. A set of cat-shaped self-watering globes that'll keep your plant friends happy and healthy. They'll slowly seep water into soil over three weeks, so you don't need to stress if you forget to give them their daily dose of H2O.

    Three self-watering globes in a plant

    27. A concrete staircase planter that'll be a step up from the plain old pot you're currently working with. You can also use it to store itty-bitty stationery supplies at your desk, like paperclips or thumbtacks.

    28. A copy of The New Plant Parent, a book all about caring for house plants. It includes all the info you need to find the right plants for you, create a watering schedule, choose your containers, and other important nuggets of wisdom.

    A page inside the book about potting plants

    29. A bottle of seaweed-infused soil enhancer that's packed with deep-sea nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Consider this treating your indoor garden to a sushi dinner, every week — they will love you for it.

    A person holding a bottle of soil enhancer in front of a plant

    30. A pack of plant-themed stickers that you can use to decorate your laptop, bullet journal, and just about everything else you own. If your roommates keep stealing your stuff, you can mark your territory with a few of these aesthetically-pleasing ferns.

    Several plant stickers inside and beside a journal

    31. A funky skull-shaped planter, because you're not a regular plant parent; you're a cool plant parent. You can give your cranium a cool hairstyle with the right plant and switch it up when you want do give your skelly a new 'do (anything with a lot of texture looks awesome).

    AThe skull-plant pot with a plant inside

    32. And finally, a watering can that, frankly, is too cute for its own good. It has a long nozzle, so you can even get it between the leaves of denser plants.

    A person holding the watering can

    You with all of your plants:

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