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    36 Products That’ll Help You Organize The Things You Have No Idea How To Organize

    I am no longer confused.

    1. A stainless steel storage rack for all your excess hangers that'll stop you from leaving them in a tangled mess on the floor. It has an adhesive backing, so you won't need to make any major renovations to install it.

    The rack on a wall with hangers on it

    2. A zippered battery case that'll keep those pesky stray batteries from occupying so much space in your drawers. It comes with a battery tester to make sure everything you keep inside is fully functional.

    The batteries in and out of the organizer

    3. A pair of art supply stations that'll keep your pens, pencils, and paintbrushes from taking over your desk. Reviewers say it's also great for drying and holding beauty tools, if your brush collection is starting to get a bit out of control.

    An art supply holder with several paintbrushes and pencil crayons inside

    4. A pair of grooved stacking mats that'll help you organize your cans and bottles without any extra packaging. Reviewers say they're especially great for keeping their fridges organized and love that they keep their beverages from tumbling out every time they go to grab a drink.

    Fifteen cans stacked in a pyramid on the stacking mat

    5. A hanging gift wrap organizer that'll keep your rolls and ribbons from creating a sea of chaos in your closet. It has long side compartments that'll fit full rolls of paper and smaller pockets down the middle for accents and accessories.

    A person hanging the gift wrap organizer in their closet

    6. A pack of mouldable glue that can be used on aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, and even some fabrics. Whether you need a spot to hang your colander or a makeshift stand for your tablet, this stuff is bound to come in handy.

    7. A SockDock that'll keep all of your socks together when you wash them. You can even hang it in your closet once it's been through the dryer, so they'll never get separated again.

    A person holding the sock dock

    8. A container lid organizer for all your food storage stuff, so that no bottom is ever without a top. It comes with five adjustable dividers, meaning you can give each style of lid its own home.

    A bunch of plastic lids organized by size in the container lid organizer

    9. An Apple Pencil case that'll keep all your tiny tech doodads in one place. It has a hard exterior and soft lining that'll keep your gadgets from getting bashed around in your bag.

    The inside of the case with cgadgets inside

    10. A plastic bag holder that'll keep your trove of totes organized and easily accessible. Now you won't have to waste space by dedicating an entire cupboard to them.

    The plastic bag holder on the door of a cupboard

    11. A silicone toiletry station where you can store all your essential hygiene tools. It grips to shiny surfaces like tiles and mirrors, but doesn't use any adhesive (so it won't ruin your stuff).

    A person putting a razor into the holder

    12. A pair of stainless steel bag hooks that'll make stowing away shopping bags, purses, and garment bags a cinch. They'll clip right onto your car headrests and will ensure that your backseat doesn't turn into a floordrobe.

    13. A weekly pill organizer pouch that’ll keep all your tablets and capsules in order. The divided container conveniently fits inside the glittery case, making it prettier than all the plain plastic alternatives out there. Now you might actually remember to take your vitamins!

    A person holding the pill case in front of a mural

    14. A pack of Velcro cord ties that'll keep your charging cables in order. They're a lot more effective than rubber bands and zip ties and are easy to adjust and remove.

    15. A transparent universal knife block that'll keep your pointiest cooking tools safe, sharp, and organized. Reviewers love that it doesn't take up a ton of counter space, but can hold over a dozen knives at once.

    The transparent knife block on a counter filled with blades of different shapes and sizes

    16. A hanging double-sided jewelry organizer that has pockets on one side and hook-and-loop tabs on the other. Reviewers love that it allows them to see every piece of jewellery in their collection, so they don't have to dig through a box to find what they're looking for.

    17. A seven-tier shoe tower that won't take up much space in your entryway, but will give you plenty of room to store your favourite kicks. The bottom two shelves are taller, making them great for heels and booties.

    Seven pairs of shoes on the shoe tower

    18. A toilet paper stand that'll ensure you always have a fresh roll (and backup) next to your porcelain throne. It has a little shelf at the top where you can place your phone or a box of tissues.

    A toilet paper stand next to a toilet

    19. A faux leather sun visor pouch where you can keep all your random necessities, from your spare change to your phone cords. It has a handy glasses clip and nine pockets that won't let your stuff slip out.

    The pouch attached to a sun visor in a car

    20. A patterned microwave cover that'll keep your appliance from getting covered in dust, sauce splashes, and fingerprints (and make it look way cuter, too). It has pockets on the side where you can store extra utensils, if you're running out of room in your drawers.

    The cover on top of a microwave on a counter

    21. A double-sided closet organizer for your socks and undies that'll clear up some serious drawer space. Reviewers say it's great for organizing jewellery, too, and love that the transparent pockets allow them to see everything in their collection in one glance.

    The organizer filled with socks, underwear, and bras

    22. An acryclic lipstick tower that'll turn your stash of mattes and glosses into a work of art. It can fit up to 28 tubes of lipstick and can be displayed vertically or horizontally. You can also stack 'em together to make a massive grid, if you buy more than one.

    A person adding a lipstick to an almost-full acrylic lipstick holder

    23. A two-tier under-the-sink shelf that'll give you extra space to store the supplies you don't want on display. It can be expanded to fit your space perfectly, and it has sliding shelves that you can adjust to make room for plumbing fixtures and pipes.

    The unit under a sink

    24. An earring storage book that'll keep your studs and hoops in pairs. The holes on each page are staggered, so you won't have to worry about your jewellery getting scratched.

    A person flipping the pages in an earring booklet

    25. A set of fabric bins that'll fit perfectly into your IKEA Kallax unit (y'know, that one everyone seems to have). They have faux leather handles, making them easy to slide in and out, and they can be collapsed down when you're not using 'em.

    26. An aluminum Pokédex game card holder that'll keep all your Nintendo Switch cartridges in one place. Not only is it super cute, but it'll keep your games from getting beat up.

    A person holding the game card holder

    27. An acrylic storage container with two compartments for your bathroom essentials and a top tray for tweezers and lip balm. If you buy multiples, they'll fit together like Lego blocks.

    Cotton pads and q-tips inside the container

    28. An ultra-slim slide-out pantry that'll turn the gap between your counter and fridge into valuable storage space. You can also use it in your laundry room to tuck away your stash of cleaning liquids and dryer sheets.

    A pull-out storage unit in the gap between a counter and fridge

    29. A mesh shower caddy with enough compartments to hold all your essential lotions, potions, and tools. It can also be used to organize smaller accessories in your wardrobe, if your closet needs some TLC.

    30. A pack of boot clips that can be adjusted to fit footwear of all heights, from your shortest Uggs to your knee-high heels. They'll save your boots from cracking and sagging and help you hang them up, too.

    Two pairs of boots with inserts in them

    31. A bakeware rack that you can use to store tins, trays, and cutting boards. It comes seven dividers that you can adjust to fit your supplies perfectly.

    32. A pair of extra-large soft organizer bins that'll slide right under your bed for easy storage. They have handles that make them easy to pull out and clear tops, so you can see exactly what's kicking around inside.

    A storage bin pulled out from under a bed

    33. An acrylic fridge bin that'll keep your bottled beverages organized. It has a lip at the front that'll keep your drinks from tumbling out every time you open your appliance.

    Several water bottles in the holder

    34. A pair of cloth baskets that you can hook onto any bed frame or chair for a bit of extra storage. They have a ton of pockets, so you can fit all those things that don't yet have a home (like your stationery supplies and remote controls).

    35. A bright and bold utility cart that you can use to organize your office supplies, cleaning tools, or anything else that doesn't have a home. You can wheel it around your house, so you won't need to lug your stuff from room to room.

    The cart beside a bed

    36. And finally, an acrylic pocket that you can stick anywhere that could use some extra storage space. Whether you need a place to store your spices or a spot to put your dryer sheets, this is bound to come in handy.

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