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    32 Products That'll Help You Save Some Money In The Long Run In 2020

    Make the new year easier on your wallet.

    1. A reusable, plastic-free coffee mug that'll make you a bit more eco-friendly in 2020. It may also save you from spending a fortune at Starbucks (if you actually wake up in time to actually brew your own coffee).

    2. A flat water flask with silicone accents that make it easy to grip from any angle. Not only does it look cute, now you won't need to buy a single-use bottle every time you get thirsty when you're out and about.

    3. A set of zip-sealed sandwich bags designed so that you can use them over and over again. These won't bleed or break open easily, so you can store soups and sauces in 'em, too.

    4. A bottle emptying kit that'll help you get at every last drop of your barbecue sauce, shampoo, laundry detergent, and everything in between. It fits most plastic standard screw-top bottles, so you don't need to stress about sizing.

    5. A Lunette menstrual cup that you can wear for up to 12 hours (depending on how heavy your flow is) and will save you hundreds on tampons and pads. Many reviewers claim this model is more leakproof than other popular menstrual cup brands and that it has reduced their period cramps significantly, which is obviously a huge bonus.

    6. An adhesive draft stopper that'll block hot or cold air (depending on the time of year) from escaping your room so that you don't have to crank your heater or air conditioner. It'll keep your space at the perfect temp and it'll probably save you some serious $$$ on your hydro bill.

    7. A 4-in-1 patching tool that'll help you make minor repairs around your apartment walls without spending money on a handyman.

    8. A set of non-toxic, reusable dryer balls to help soften your clothes, reduce static, and make everything dry faster. They're good for the environment and keeping your electricity costs down.

    9. A bottle of bestselling leather conditioner that'll breathe a second life into everything from your boots to your car seats. It can also be used to protect new leather, so go ahead and slather it on your bags, furniture, and everything else you own.

    10. A pack of handy bra-extenders that'll give your too-tight bras a second life. Just snap them into place on the clasp of your bra and you’ve got a few extra inches to work with.

    11. An avocado seed sprouting ring that'll help you turn your pits into trees. Guac costs extra? NBD, you have plenty at home now, thanks to this bad boy.

    12. A stackable bento box that may actually inspire you to pack a lunch instead of buying food. It has two levels and comes with a divider for optimal meal customization.

    13. A set of plant-based scrub sponges made from cacti. They cost only a little more than the sponges you'd buy at the grocery store, but they'll last a lot longer.

    14. A sleek metal razor that you won't have to toss out after just a few uses. Congrats! Your shower routine just got a little bougier and a lot more eco-friendly.

    15. A remote-operated power bar that lets you shut off power on any device you keep plugged into it from afar. Now you won't waste energy on stuff that you aren't even using (just remember to click the button when you leave the room).

    16. A Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker that'll be your BFF if you have a bad habit of losing your stuff. You can clip it to anything (I have one on my keys and one on my wallet) and it will save you from having to repurchase your treasures when they go missing.

    17. A monthly expense tracker where you can jot down and organize your expenses by category. It will also help you see the financial impact of day-to-day spending and help you plan for the future.

    18. A set of vacuum seal wine stoppers, in case you don't finish every last drop. These lil' guys can keep your wine fresh for up to ten days, so you can take your sweet time polishing it off and won't have to keep buying more bottles.

    19. An Instant Pot that'll keep you from buying a bunch of single-function appliances and make your meal prepping adventures a breeze.

    20. A magical Revlon heated brush that dries, volumizes, and styles all in one go, so you won't need to see your stylist to get the perfect 'do.

    21. A pack of washer cleaner tablets that are more effective than bleach and will save you from having to scrub down your entire machine (or hire a professional cleaner). All you need to do is throw one in, set your washer for a regular cycle, and let it do its thing.

    22. A fridge-friendly container set that uses ventilated lids to keep all of your pre-cut produce fresher for longer. Now you won't have to throw all your fruits and veggies in the compost because you're a slow eater.

    23. A set of downright adorable animal cord protectors that'll keep your wires in place and save them from fraying when they're on their last legs, so you don't have to buy new ones.

    24. A pack of reusable bamboo makeup-removing pads that'll replace your regular old cotton pads. They're machine washable, and each wipe can be reused up to 2,000 times!

    25. And a set of microfibre face cloths that'll rid you of your need for single-use makeup wipes. You don't even need makeup remover for these to work — just run them under warm water and get down to business. They'll even remove waterproof mascara!

    26. A DIY kombucha brewing kit so you can create your own naturally fizzy beverages and get those probiotics without spending a small fortune. Healthy gut, here you come.

    27. A fancy smart toothbrush that uses a free app to offer personalized coaching and feedback, so it's basically like having a one-on-one with your dentist every time you brush. Yes, it’s an investment, but it'll probably save you from spending your hard-earned dollars on a filling or an uncomfortable plaque removal sesh.

    28. A set of colourful resistance bands that'll help you get the booty of your dreams without buying a gym membership. Just fire up that YouTube and get to squatting.

    29. A collapsable bread box that adjusts to fit your loaf perfectly and will keep it fresher for longer. The lid also folds down to act as a cutting board, so you don't need to create additional dishes when you want a piece of toast.

    30. A set of carry-on size luggage cubes that'll compress your clothes and save you from checking baggage. These ones have mesh tops so you won't have to dismantle your entire bag to find what you need.

    31. A mini makeup spatula that'll help you get every last bit of product out of your makeup containers. Gone are the days of throwing out half of your $72 holy grail foundation before it's even done.

    32. And finally, a bestselling book about making money to help you get rich in 2020. It'll reframe how you think about your income and give you helpful tips on growing your bank account.

    You strutting past store windows in 2020:

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