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    33 Amazon Canada Finds That'll *Definitely* Help You Save Some Money This Year

    Be nice to your bank account.

    1. A pack of genius beauty product spatulas that'll help you get every last bit of product out of your makeup containers. Gone are the days of throwing out half of your $72 holy grail foundation before it's even done.

    A spatula in a bottle of lotion on a counter

    2. A pack of dry cleaner sheets that are safe to use on special-care clothing and will probably save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. They remove odours and stains and they release wrinkles, leaving your clothes looking good as new.

    A comparison of before and after using the Woolite sheets on a long-sleeved shirt

    3. A pack of wine-saving caps that'll keep your vino tasting fresh for longer so you can take your sweet time polishing off your rosé (saving you from buying more bottles). Reviewers say they prevent spillage and can even keep carbonated beverages fizzy.

    Several wine caps next to a bottle with a cap on it

    4. A weekly expense tracker that you probably need if you have trouble sticking to a budget. It'll help you figure out where you should be putting your money and help you see the financial impact of day-to-day spending over the course of a year.

    5. A Ninja blender that has the power to crush through whole fruits, vegetables, and ice within seconds. Now you can make your own protein shake instead of spending $15 at your local smoothie bar (no shade, we've all been there).

    6. A pair of Revlon facial razors that'll save you a trip to your esthetician. You can use to shape your brows, shave away fine hairs, and smooth your skin. If your peach fuzz drives you crazy on the daily, these may be the answer to your prayers.

    7. A pair of crisper inserts that'll extend the life of your produce so you won't have to constantly purchase new greens. They'll suction right to the walls of your drawers, meaning they won't eat up valuable veggie real estate.

    A crisper inset on the wall of  fridge drawer

    8. A cordless Waterpik that's less bulky than the original and waaay more effective than regular floss. It'll use H2O to blast away gross stuff between your teeth and below your gum line, leaving you with a seriously clean mouth. Now you can space out those pricey cleanings at your dentist!

    9. An adhesive draft stopper that'll block hot air from escaping your room so you won't have to crank your heater or air conditioner. It'll keep your space at the perfect temp and it'll probably save you some serious $$$ on your hydro bill, too.

    10. A gigantic water bottle that'll nix your need to buy single-use alternatives when you're out and about. It's covered in encouraging messages and has time-marked lines that'll keep you on track with your hydration throughout the day.

    A person holding the water bottle by its handle

    11. A magical Instant Pot that'll keep you from buying a bunch of single-function appliances and make your meal prepping adventures a breeze. It'll also clear up counter space, giving you more room on your kitchen counters to work with.

    The Instant Pot on a counter surrounded by food

    12. A set of colourful resistance bands that'll help you get the booty of your dreams without buying a gym membership or any fancy equipment. Just fire up that feel-good playlist and get to squatting.

    The bands laid out next to their carrying case

    13. A razor-saving cap that'll keep your shaving doodad from going rusty. It'll also protect your blade while you're travelling so it won't nick anything in your toiletry case.

    14. A foam mattress topper if you want to upgrade the bed you already have, instead of splurging on a whole new sleeping situation. It's packed with temperature-regulating gel beads that'll keep you from overheating in the middle of the night.

    A mattress topper on a mattress next to a nightstand

    15. A handy business planner that'll help you turn your passion project into a full-time job. It covers everything from budgeting to using social media to identifying your ideal market, and even includes nuggets of wisdom from successful entrepreneurs.

    16. A set of machine-washable, reusable makeup-removing rounds that'll replace your regular old cotton pads. They come in a floral storage box so they'll look cute displayed on your vanity, too.

    17. A pack of cheese storage bags that'll regulate humidity to keep your favourite fromage from going bad before you have the chance to make a charcuterie board. Each has space to write the type of cheese stored inside and the date you bought it, meaning you'll never accidentally take a bite of mouldy mystery cheese again.

    An open pack of cheese storage bags next to a wedge of cheese

    18. A pack of transparent cat-scratching shields that'll stop your four-legged friend from destroying your furniture. Reviewers say they're easy to install and even work on leather chairs and sofas.

    A cat scratching a couch with shields on it

    19. A DivaCup menstrual cup that'll save you from buying pads and tampons every month. You can wear it for up to 12 hours (depending on how heavy your flow is) so you won't have to worry about swapping anything out halfway through your day.

    A DivaCup ontop of math homework

    20. A milk frother that'll help you make delicious, coffee-based beverages that look and taste like they've been crafted by a seasoned barista — minus the hefty price tag. Flat milk? Leave that for the peasants.

    21. A Revlon heated brush that'll dry, volumize, and style your tresses all in one go. Now you won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools or hire a seasoned pro to handle your blowout.

    A person running the brush through their hair

    22. A modern calligraphy activity book that'll help you master the art of loopy lettering. Once you're finished all the exercises, you’ll probably be good enough to craft your BFF’s wedding invitations and create an Etsy shop (congrats on your new side hustle).

    The calligraphy book on a table next to a pen and paper clips

    23. A genius reusable notebook that'll make electronic copies of everything you jot down with the help of a free app. Using it is simple: when you're done writing, just hold your phone above the page. The free app will detect and capture it, creating a digital copy that looks identical to your handwritten notes. Goodbye, photocopying fees, see you never!

    A person holding the book in front of a bookshelf and plants

    24. A bottle of super-strong Gorilla Glue that'll help you put your broken things back together so you won't have to replace them. It's durable enough to withstand intense weather so your stuff will remain intact even through a heat wave or polar vortex.

    A person holding a bottle of the glue

    25. A pack of screen protectors that'll save your device from shattering into a million pieces when you drop it. They're made of tempered glass and won't leave weird bubbles on the surface of your phone like flimsier alternatives.

    26. A hanging luggage scale that'll help you pack like a pro (and skip being faced with extra charges when you get to the airport). It's small enough to fit in your backpack or carry-on bag so you can bring it with you on your adventures, too.

    A person holding a suitcase with the luggage scale

    27. A set of reusable Keurig cups so you can brew your favourite beans in single portions. Reviewers say that they're easy to clean and will help you keep you from spending some serious cash on coffee.

    28. A stainless steel kitchen bar that won't melt down like regular soap. It'll remove smelly cooking odours from your hands so you won't spend your day smelling like one big clove of garlic.

    A person holding the kitchen bar over a sink

    29. A pack of record-shaped coasters that'll save you from getting unsightly water rings all over your furniture. Now you won't have to replace your coffee table or commit to a messy sanding job just to keep your place looking like a grown-up's apartment.

    The six coasters laid out on a table, one has a drink on it

    30. A roll of waterproof screen repair tape that can mend torn screens in a matter of seconds. Just cut it, stick it on, and voila! Your window or door will be as good as new.

    A person sticking the screen repair tape to a damaged screen

    31. A 12-pack of OG Kraft Dinner that you'll be thankful for when the munchies hit. Now you won't be tempted to order takeout!

    The box of KD on a white background

    32. A pair of bestselling silicone baking mats that'll replace your rolls and rolls of parchment paper. They’ll keep food from sticking to your pans (without the help of cooking spray) and are a cinch to clean.

    33. And finally, a bestselling book about making money to help you get rich in 2022. It'll reframe how you think about your income and give you helpful tips on growing your bank account.

    Three copies of the book and hands grabbing for them

    You staying strong in 2021:

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