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    21 Sex Toys From Lelo That Will Get You Through Your Dry Spell

    Time to put the motion back in your ocean.

    1. A sleek oral sex simulator that mimics the feeling of licking and sucking, and will give your poor partner's neck a break. It has a firm and precise nub that's like a tongue, but better, and will caress you into a state of pure bliss.

    2. A pulsating cock ring that can be stretched to fit any shaft and will intensify pleasure for both you and your partner. It has six vibration settings and can be used in the bath or shower to elevate your experience.

    3. A clitoral massager that looks shockingly similar to an ocarina and will make you feel like you've just been blessed by a fairy (have I been playing to much Zelda? Probably). It focuses all its energy on your clitoris, so if that's you're sweet spot, you'll probably love this lil' guy.

    4. A lipstick-sized bullet vibrator with six vibration settings that you can hide in plain sight with your makeup collection. Beauty product or sex toy? That's one secret I'll never tell, xoxo.

    5. A palm-sized sex toy that'll pulse along to whatever beat your listening to (excuse me while I prepare my DJ set). Reviewers say it's surprisingly powerful for such a petite device.

    6. A remote-controlled prostate massager to give yourself (or your partner) some ahhh-mazing hands-free orgasms. Reviewers say it's great for both beginners and experts, and will help you reach your peak in no time.

    7. This simple, yet effective massage wand that's whisper quiet, but delivers some seriously body-quaking vibrations. It has a ton of different speeds, and is a cinch to maneuver, so you really can't go wrong.

    8. A remote-controlled couples' vibrator that has eight vibration settings that can be worked into almost any position. Reviewers love that it leaves space for your partner and say it'll get you both to the finish line in a flash.

    9. A G-spot vibrator that’s gently curved to get all up in your business in the best way possible — plus, it’s got eight pulsing modes. It can also be used as a wand, making it great for partner play.

    10. A remote-controlled bullet egg that will shake and quake you all the way to climax without making a peep (essential if you have roommates) . Reviewers say it's great to use solo and with a partner.

    11. This prostate massager that waves back and forth to put the motion in your ocean. It has two arms to deliver internal and external pleasure and reviewers say it gives them an orgasm every time, without fail.

    12. Or a prostate massager that doesn't need any extra bells or whistles to get you going. It has eight pleasure settings and reviewers say it's a great toy for people who are new do backdoor action.

    13. A rabbit vibrator with gold accents, because, let's face it, you deserve a little luxury right now. It has eight vibration patterns and will hit your G-spot and diddle your Skittle at the same time for double-whammy orgasmic experience.

    14. A discreet clitoral vibrator that'll make your bean the star of the show (aka the role it was born to play). Reviewers love how smooth and powerful it is, and say it's great for massaging other parts of your body, too.

    15. A G-spot vibrator with a flat tip that'll get your toes curling when you're flying solo. Reviewers love how easy it is to use and give it credit for giving them their best orgasms ever.

    16. This streamlined sex toy that you can use on your own or squeeze between you and your partner when you're bumpin' uglies. It has eight speeds and will give your clitoris the TLC it deserves.

    17. A classic, curved rabbit vibrator that’ll hit your G-spot and ring the devil’s doorbell at the same time. Reviewers are obsessed with how it can go from gentle to earth shattering with just a few touches of a button.

    18. A remote-controlled partner vibrator that's the perfect toy for sharing. Slide it inside and bless your partner with the same orgasmic rotations and vibes when they get inside and join the party.

    19. A LUNA Smart Bead that'll help level-up your kegel game. It's a bestseller for a reason and reviewers love that it helps train their muscles. It's a killer vulva and clitoral massager, too!

    20. A pack of latex condoms, because safe sex is a damn good present to buy yourself. These ones have a hexagonal web design that makes them more durable and maximizes pleasure.

    21. And finally, a bottle of water-based personal moisturizer to ensure that everything goes smoothly down there. Reviewers say its not sticky at all and better than any lube they've tried before.

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