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    37 Mother's Day Gifts From Indigo That'll Make Them Say, "This Is Why You're My Favourite Child"

    You'll probably want to buy some for yourself, too.

    1. A five-minute journal, if they have trouble holding onto memories, but don't have the time or energy to start their own DIY journal. It has quick prompts for every day, so they won't have to fuss over what to write about before putting pen to paper.

    A person holding the journal and a pen

    2. A lavender-growing kit that'll help them develop a green thumb without committing to an entire garden of projects. All they'll need to do is add water and find a sunny spot for it to sit (yes, it's that easy).

    The kit on a table

    3. A hot air popcorn maker that'll help them craft the perfect movie theatre snack with the touch of a button. It comes with a measuring cup that doubles as a butter melting tray, so their topping will be ready right when their kernels are.

    The popper making a bowl of popcorn

    4. A lightweight robe that they can wear in the boudoir or at the beach (it works for both!). It's outfitted with on-seam pockets, so they'll have a place to stash their phone or sunglasses.

    A person sitting on their bed while wearing the robe

    5. A pair of socks and a mug that's perfect for any mama who likes to cozy up on the couch with a cup of tea. Go ahead and pair it with a bestselling book to give them the lazy Sunday morning of their dreams.

    6. A cross-stitching kit that'll help them create some beautiful new artwork with their own two hands. It's suitable for beginners, so they won't even need to be a seasoned pro with a needle and thread to get the job done.

    The kit laid out

    7. A clip-on book light, if they're a night owl who does their best reading after the sun goes down. The flexible neck will allow them to bend it to hit their page at just the right angle.

    A person reading with the light on their book

    8. A cushy yoga mat that's super grippy, so they won't slide around when transitioning from a plank to a downward dog. It's designed to stop sweat from pooling up, meaning they won't be stuck working out in a puddle.

    9. This braided fedora with a super-wide brim that'll get them prepared for the sunniest days. Not only is it chic as heck, but it'll save them from getting a sunburn while they're gardening or kicking back on the deck with a mojito in hand.

    A person wearing the wide-brim hat

    10. A mini waffle maker that can be used to make breakfast paninis, hash browns, waffles and more in the shape of a heart. No more sad cereal bars and microwave scrambled eggs for your mom.

    A heart-shaped waffle in the waffle maker

    11. An energizing Province Apothecary rollerball that's filled with bergamot, geranium, frankincense, ylang ylang, and jasmine essential oils. It'll give them a little mood boost and make them smell like a million bucks.

    A person applying the rollerball to their neck

    12. A Kobo eReader, so they can just download their reading material, instead of filling their home with more books. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option than a paperback, but if they have a hard time making out words, it’ll let them magnify the font and change the boldness of the text.

    A person reading on their Kobo

    13. A minimalist laptop stand that'll keep them from slouching over their screen while they work. It folds up, so they can take it with them on all their adventures.

    14. A pair of fizzy bath bombs that are packed with vanilla, oatmeal, coconut, and honey. They'll kick their self-care game up a notch and help them really relax.

    A person smelling a bath bomb

    15. A smartphone-controlled Ember mug that'll help keep their drink warm with the help of a free app. Now they won't be stuck sipping on tepid tea or coffee halfway through the day.

    The mug surrounded by art supplies

    16. A striped Baggu tote that's a stylish (and eco-friendly!) alternative to plastic bags. It can be folded into a tiny square for easy storage when they aren't rocking it on their shoulder.

    The bag in the top of a shopping cart

    17. An Endy weighted blanket that'll help them sleep like a baby (and keep them warm, too). I have one of these and it's helped with my insomnia and anxiety, making it totally worth the investment.

    An Endy blanket folded up on a bed