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    Here Are The Absolute *Best* Deals You're Gonna Find On Cyber Monday

    Robot vacuums, Sorel boots, Stanley cocktail shakers, and more!

    Cyber Monday has officially arrived and, let me tell ya, the sales are good. Whether you wanna treat yourself to some new clothes, makeup, or get something new 'n' fun for your home, I'm almost positive at least one thing on this list will pique your interest.

    1. 50% off a robot vacuum and mop that'll handle your least favourite chores for you. It's compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning you can put it to work with a simple voice command.

    The vacuum sweeping up crumbs on a hardwood floor

    2. 30% off a pair of Loop earplugs for anyone who wants some peace and quiet. They don't totally block sound, instead helping to filter out excessively loud noise, so you can enjoy a concert without your ears ringing for hours afterwards.

    a person wearing the earplugs

    3. A tube of Biossance Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Mask that's an all-in-one peel, exfoliator, and mask. It'll help calm down redness and irritation, smooth everything out, and remove dead skin cells.

    Several tubes of the mask, one has product coming out of it

    4. 25% off a pair of split-hem flared yoga pants with an ultra-high waist that'll pair perfectly with all your crop tops.

    5. 33% off a copy of Mi Concina by Rick Martínez that'll teach your how to master the art of making Mexican food. It's packed with recipes for drool-worthy dishes, like grilled quesadillas and sweet corn tamales, plus a ton of personal essays from the chef.

    The cookbook on a table covered in paper designs

    6. 29% off a pair of air fryer cheat sheet magnets that feature the times and heat settings for everything from beets to burgers, so you won't overcook your dinner. They'll also save you from consulting Google every time you want to make a meal.

    The air fryer magnets beside a dish with food on it

    7. 30% off a salt spreader that'll help you get rid of every last inch of snow and ice on your sidewalk. It has a locking mechanism in the lid so you won't have to worry about it making a mess in your house if it gets knocked over.

    A person using the the salt spreader to shake salt onto the ground

    8. 39% off a shiatsu neck massager so you won't need to call up your RMT every time you start to ache. Thanks to its unique shape, you can also use it on other areas (reviewers love using it on their backs and legs).

    A person wearing the massager at their desk and in a car

    9. 25% off a pair of Sorel boots that are more stylish than your classic snow boots. They have an ultra-cushy sole, so you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud.

    The boot on a sidewalk

    10. 50% off a double-strand necklace from Jenny Bird if layering jewellery is very much your jam.

    A person wearing the double-strand necklace with a V-neck top

    11. 23% off The New York Times Crossword Page-A-Day Calendar that'll give you a new puzzle to complete every day of 2023.

    The calendar on a blank background

    12. 33% off a sunrise-simulating clock that's much less annoying than a beeping alarm. If you live in a basement apartment (or have a super dark bedroom), this will make waking up a lot easier.

    The alarm clock on a bedside table

    13. 30% off a MAC Studio Fix Sculpt & Shape Contour Palette that you can use to contour and highlight with the best of 'em. Reviewers love how blendable all of the shades are, and some even use them as eyeshadows.

    The palette surrounded by broken up bronzers and highlighters

    14. 25% off a Lolë jumpsuit if you're tired of digging through your wardrobe to find a matching workout 'fit. It's made of moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric that's buttery-smooth.

    15. 25% off a white noise machine that'll help drown out the sound of your loud neighbours or snoring partner. It has 32 soothing sounds to choose from, with auto-timer settings that'll keep it from playing long after you've already fallen asleep.

    a person sleeping next to a mini noise machine

    16. 43% off a Stanley cocktail shaker set that comes with two stainless steel cups, a citrus reamer, and a jigger cap. All the pieces fit together and are sturdy enough to bring along on outdoor adventures.

    The shaker next to a mixed drink on a bar cart

    17. 25% off a corduroy jacket from Joe Fresh that'll be a lil' upgrade from your plain ol' puffer. Thanks to the funnel neck, no wind will be able to sneak its way in.

    18. 22% off a car seat cover that'll only take up half your backseat and will keep your dog's stray hairs and muddy paws from ruining your upholstery. It's water- and stain-resistant, plus it has pockets where you can tuck their leash, treats, and toys.

    19. 31% off a pair of plush slippers that'll save you from freezing your feet off this winter. Thanks to the textured rubber sole, you can even pop out and grab the mail while wearing them and not end up with sopping wet feet.

    The slippers on a faux fur blanket

    20. 40% off a pair of huggie hoops from Jenny Bird that are a bit chonkier than your slim go-tos. Now you can make a statement without wearing dangly bling that gets caught in your hair.

    A person with short hair wearing the huggie hoops

    21. 25% off a Conair foot spa that'll give your tootsies the TLC they deserve. It has massaging foot rollers, a bubble setting, and it even heats up.

    The foot spa on a blank background

    22. Up to 36% off a table lamp that has three USB ports and two three-prong outlets built right into it. Now you won't have to clutter up your bedside table or desk with a power bar or massive charging base.

    The lamp on a bed side table beside a mug and two charging phones

    23. 25% off a Logitech wheel and floor pedals if racing games are your jam. Reviewers say they have 💯 response, plus good force feedback, and love how many wheel buttons it has.

    A person using the racing wheel while gaming

    24. 30% off a Spikeball set that'll make you feel like a kid again and inspire some healthy competition amongst your family and friends. The two-on-two game involves "spiking" the ball onto the net so it bounces toward their opponent. It sounds simple, but trust me, it requires some ~finesse~.

    Four people playing Spikeball on a lawn

    25. 39% off a bestselling tablet holder so you can turn your backseat into a mini movie theatre. It'll secure right to your headrest and can be adjusted to any height, so you can get the angle *just* right for your little one.

    A tablet on the holder secured to a car seat

    26. 26% off a veggie chopper that'll make prepping ingredients a total breeze. It comes with every bell and whistle you could ever need, so you'll be able to slice, dice, spiral, and grate without adding a ton of new tools to your kitchen's junk drawers.

    A person chopping onions with the gadget

    27. Up to 35% off a magical Revlon one-step styler that'll dry, volumize, and ~zhuzh~ your tresses all in one go. Now you won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools when you're running late.

    28. 31% off a cult-favourite ChomChom Roller that'll rid your furniture of stray fur in just a few swipes. It doesn't involve any sticky paper and can be used over and over again, making it way more eco-friendly than traditional rollers.

    A BuzzFeed editor's photo of her Chom Chom roller full of cat hair

    29. 20% off a sleep mask with Bluetooth capabilities that'll make catching z's a total breeze (who doesn't love drifting off to a podcast or Bon Iver?). You can also pop it on as a headband and wear it while you're working out — it's a great option for people who are tired of earbuds falling out and don't want to switch to bulky over-ear headphones.

    A person sleeping while wearing the mask

    30. 22% off a microwave popcorn popper that'll help you make movie theatre-level snacks in the comfort of your own home. It has a butter melter built into the lid, so you won't need to dirty any extra dishes to elevate your kernels.

    The popcorn popper filled with popcorn

    31. 27% off a pair of adjustable dumbbells if curls, rows, and RDLs are your jam when it comes to working out. They can be levelled up from five to 52 pounds, so you won't have to keep adding new ones to your collection as your guns grow.

    A person putting a dumbbell into its case

    32. 44% off a wraps and trims bundle that'll get you prepped for the holiday season ahead. It comes with paper, bows, labels, and twine (aka everything you'll need to get the job done).

    The supplies laid out on a blank background

    33. 27% off a Wilton bake pan set that you can rejig to create different numbers, letters, and shapes. Reviewers love that it saves them from buying a ton of novelty pans and from attempting (and failing at) freehand designs.

    A cake pan on a counter surrounded by baked goods

    34. 60% off a sherpa fleece coat for the days when it's a bit too warm for puffer (those still happen, even in December). It has slit pockets hidden in the side seams where you can stash you keys and wallet, plus two buttoned flap pockets on the front.

    35. 30% off Urban Decay Moondust Shadow if you live to ✨sparkle✨. According to #beautytok, the shade "Space Cowboy" is the real MVP.

    Several eye shadows laid out

    36. 50% off a 23andMe DNA testing kit that'll help you learn more about your family tree. You'll even be able explore traits, like your freckles and hair colour, and learn what your DNA has to say about your preferences when it comes to tastes and smells.

    The DNA testing kit

    37. And finally, 30% off a treat-tossing Furbo camera that'll let you stalk your dog when you're not at home (and feed them snacks, too). It has a barking sensor and will send you notifications when your dog is acting up — you can even use the two-way audio to tell them to cut it out!

    A corgi getting a treat from the Furbo

    You when you unbox your orders:

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