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    24 Things To Order Today If You Feel Like Treating Yourself

    I don't know about you, but I love buying myself gifts.

    1. A Taylor Swift-inspired vinyl sticker because we are all awaiting Midnights and need something to hold onto until it drops. If "Cardigan" is still on your "On Repeat" playlist, you probably need this on your laptop.

    A person holding the sticker

    2. A pair of Jenny Bird hoops if you're ready to upgrade to something a bit bigger than huggies, but still wanna cling onto your minimalist ✨aesthetic✨.

    The hoops laid out on a piece of fabric

    3. A translucent claw clip to keep your mane in check on those days when styling it just ain't an option. It's large enough to hold back longer, thicker tresses and will give your 'do a lil' pop of colour.

    A person wearing a layered necklaces, a sweater, and the clip in their hair

    4. An embroidered zodiac journal where you can write down your deepest thoughts, wackiest dreams, and everything in between. Because the pages are completely blank, you can also use it for doodling.

    5. A crossbody bag that has not one, but two pouches where you can stash your stuff. The larger of the two has a drop-in pocket with card slots, so you won't even need to bring a wallet when you rock it.

    A person wearing the bag with joggers and a cropped tee

    6. A tube of Tower 28 mascara that'll raise your lashes to the high heavens (and keep them there). It's vegan, water-resistant, and reviewers say the brush is great for separating lashes (bye, clumps!).

    A person applying the mascara

    7. A pair of Bala Bangles that'll amp up whatever workout you're doing (you can even strap 'em on before heading out for a walk). They're adjustable, so you can put them on your wrists or ankles — whatever suits your sweat sesh best.

    Two bands on a pastel background, one is laid flat

    8. A jewellery stand that'll keep your rings, necklaces, and bracelets from turning into a tangled mess. Since the base is a catchall dish, you can use it to store smaller baubles and accessories, too.

    The stand with a bunch of different jewellery pieces on it

    9. A soufflé pancake light that'll add some much-needed cuteness to your desk sitch. It'll automatically shut off after an hour, so it'd also make a great nightlight if you hate drifting off in pitch-black darkness.

    10. A petite rug that's perfect for smaller spaces, like by your front door or in front of your sink. Thanks to the non-skid backing, you won't have to worry about it migrating around your apartment.

    The rug on a hardwood floor in front of a sink

    11. A pack of nail polish stickers if you hate doing your nails yourself, but refuse to spend big bucks on a professional gel mani. Reviewers say they're a breeze to apply and that they stay put without signs of wear for two weeks (sometimes even longer).

    12. A gigantic lululemon scarf because fall is *almost* here, y'all. It'll also come in handy on flights because you really can use it as a blanket.

    13. A curvy vase that's pretty enough to put in a gallery. Obvi, it would look 💯 stuffed with flowers, but if you're into the minimalist vibes, you could just keep it on display sans fleurs.

    14. A suede cardholder if you're tired of hauling around a gigantic tote and just wanna keep things simple. It has double compartments that you can stuff with cards and change, plus a snap closure that'll keep your $$$ from flying out.

    15. A tube of Fenty Beauty's new Gloss Bomb because you're over matte lewks and could use a bit of hydration. Reviewers love its minty scent and the tingly, cooling effect it has on their smackers.

    The tube of Gloss Bomb on an icy backdrop

    16. A lululemon beanie that you'll wanna swap your sun hat for real soon. Reviewers say that it has the perfect amount of slouch and that it's warm as heck, making it great for winter.

    17. A chunky knit throw blanket because a) you can never have enough and b) it's now actually cool enough to use one. The mustard colour will also compliment the rest of your fall decor perfectly.

    The blanket tossed on a couch

    18. A cleansing brush so you can gently scrub all the gross stuff out of your pores. You can really customize your routine depending on what you need with its two heat modes and five intensity settings.

    Three brushes laid out

    19. A chic stacking game that's so pretty, you'll wanna leave it on display after game night. The weighted metal base will keep it upright and save pieces from flying everywhere during particularly heated matches.

    The game on a coffee table in a living room

    20. A mirrored vanity tray that'll give your itty-bitty bottles and tiny accessories a place to call home.

    21. A crewneck from Roots you'll want in your loungewear collection immediately. Since it's oversized, you can easily layer up underneath when the temp starts to drop.

    The crewneck on a blank background

    22. A set of Drybar rollers that'll give your limp locks some help in the volume department. You won't have to worry about them tugging on your strands or causing breakage because they're covered in a gentle self-grip material.

    The rollers on a marble table

    23. A Seinfeld LEGO kit that'll have you recreating iconic scenes in everyone's favourite New York apartment with Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine (and Newman, but let's leave villains out of this). It has over 1,300 pieces, so it'll actually take you a while to complete.

    A person putting the finishing touches on the Seinfeld scene

    24. And finally, a Briogeo set that comes with the brand's Scalp Revival shampoo and Don't Despair, Repair! hair mask. This duo is designed to scrub away buildup and deep condition your tresses, leaving you with an ultra-clean, ultra-silky mane.

    The two products on either side of their packaging

    Me justifying giving myself yet another present:

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