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    34 Genius Products That'll Make You Scream, "Don't Care How, I Want It Now"

    Gimme all of it!

    1. An electric balloon-inflating machine that'll make prepping for parties soooo much easier. Using it is simple: just pinch your balloon over the nozzle and press it down to get the air flowing. Reviewers love how it saves them time and energy, and say it's a total lifesaver for events that require hundreds of balloons.

    A person using the machine to blow up a metallic balloon

    2. A phone grip, if you're constantly dropping your device, but PopSockets just aren't for you. It lays flat on your phone, so it's a lot less bulky than some alternatives, and is large enough to fit all of your fingers through, if you want a more secure grip.

    A person holding their phone with the elastic phone grip

    3. An ergonomic herb chopper with five ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that'll make chiffonading your basil, thyme, and mint a simple and straightforward process. Reviewers love how sharp the edges are and say it's much more effective than a knife.

    A person mincing herbs with the herb chopper

    4. A pair of sauce clips that'll attach right to your car air vents for easy dipping. Now you won't accidentally spill ketchup all over yourself when you're cruising with your drive-thru snack.

    A person dipping four french fries into a container of BBQ sauce held by the sauce holder

    5. A hair-finishing stick and cream that'll keep your wildest flyaways in place. It's like a mascara wand, but instead of combing through your lashes, it slicks your stray baby hairs down (without making them look greasy).

    A person showing how their flyaways are tamed after using the hair-finishing stick and cream

    6. A six-foot wraparound extension cord that'll make doing ladder-assisted handiwork less of a hassle. It has three outlets, so you can plug in multiple tools at once.

    The extension cord wrapped around a ladder

    7. A razor-saving cap that'll save your shaving doodad from going rusty. It'll also protect your blade while you're traveling, so it doesn't nick anything in your toiletry case.

    8. An adjustable clothes hanger bar for your car that'll keep your on-the-road wardrobe crease free. It easily clips onto the grip handles and is perfect for anyone whose backseat looks like a bit of a floordrobe right now.

    Two shirts hanging from the clothes hanger bar in the back of a car

    9. A portable one-touch blender, that blends single-portion drinks, so you don't have to worry about making triple the amount of smoothie you actually want. Reviewers love that it blends their drinks to the perfect consistency and say the included recipe sheet comes in super helpful when they're lacking inspiration.

    The blender filed with an orange smoothie next to various berries and two glasses filled with smoothies

    10. This shower-friendly silicone treat mat that’ll keep your dog distracted while you shampoo them down. It has little fronds that make peanut butter harder to get to, so you can give them a full grooming session before they're done snacking.

    11. A pair of heavy-duty furniture straps that'll ensure everything stays where it should. Whether you've got rambunctious kids or are just a little clumsy on your feet, these are sure to come in handy.

    12. A roll of stick-on window privacy covering that'll block out harmful UV rays and keep your nosy neighbours from peeping into your home. They're transparent enough to let the light in, so you don't have to live under the cover of darkness at all times.

    A window decorated with privacy covering

    13. A pack of wine-saving corks made of oxygen-absorbing material that'll keep your wine tasting fresher for longer. One reviewer says it's kept an open bottle tasting good as new for six-plus weeks, without any signs of oxidation.

    A pair of wine-saving corks next to a bottle of rosé

    14. A bottle of leave-in dry shampoo made specifically for cats, if bringing your feline friend close to water always ends in disaster (and a lot of scratches). It's infused with ingredients like aloe, neem oil, vitamin E, oatmeal to leave your cat's coat shiny and soft.

    Someone spraying dry shampoo onto a cat's head

    15. A pack of shoe stackers that'll maximize your closet space and keep your footwear from taking up every inch of empty real estate. Reviewers love that they're adjustable, so they can make different sizes and styles of shoes fit easily.

    Five pairs of shoes lined up without the shoe stackers and the same fie pairs of shoes in the shoe stacks

    16. A double-walled tumbler with an extra-wide straw that's ideal for smoothies and boba-filled beverages. It's totally insulated, so it'll keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

    Two people cheersing their double-walled tumblers

    17. A pack of eyebrow razors that'll shape your brows, shave away fine hairs, and smooth your skin (a triple whammy)! Reviewers say they're also awesome for removing peach fuzz and won't irritate sensitive skin.

    18. A baking soda deodorizer that suctions right to the inside wall of your fridge and will keep your appliance from getting stinky. Reviewers love that it doesn't take up valuable shelf space like the traditional boxed version.

    A baking soda deodorizer in its package

    19. A cereal cup that has separate compartments for your milk and your cereal, so your breakfast doesn't get prematurely soggy. It has a wide opening that lets you get the perfect amount of both, no spoons necessary!

    A cereal cup filled with milk and cereal on a kitchen counter

    20. A pair of cold therapy socks with ice pack inserts to help soothe your feet, if that's where you hold your tension. Reviewers say they don't slide off while tossing and turning and are a lifesaver if your feet get overheated while you sleep.

    A person wearing the cold socks and touching their leg

    21. A roll of adhesive felt tape that you can cut to fit under flower pots, furniture legs, and anything else that could use a bit of padding. Reviewers love how they can trim it to fit their needs and say it saves them from scratching up their floors.

    22. A pack of nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes to keep all your greenery happy and healthy when you're too lazy to get up and water your plants. They can even help revive those on the verge of death, and save you from unnecessary fern funerals.

    23. A box of Pedialyte electrolyte freezies that taste great and will help you battle a hangover. One reviewer says they're the perfect cure for rough summer mornings, so stock up before you hit the sangria.

    A person holding a box of Pedialyte freezies.

    24. A set of colourful silicone exfoliation brushes that are super gentle and will scrub your pout to perfection. They can also be used on your schnoz, if you've got some annoying blackheads that need dealing with.

    Five lip brushes next to a magazine and lipstick tube

    25. A set of braided lightning chargers of various lengths, including one that's a whopping ten feet long. Now you won't have to get out of bed to charge your devices and can scroll to your heart's content while your battery refills.

    26. A rollerball of ultra-potent nail-biting deterrent that'll keep you from destroying your manicure once and for all. Reviewers say it's also great for kids who can't stop sucking their thumbs.

    A person applying the solution to their thumbnail

    27. A pack of ant traps that'll fix your pest problem once and for all. It comes with six borax-infused bait stations that you can strategically hide in your cupboards.

    An ant trap in a cupboard

    28. A genius pastry mat that has measurements etched right onto it, so you don't have to bust out a ruler while baking. It can be rolled or folded, so it takes up minimal space in your kitchen, too.

    29. A retractable travel lint roller that'll help you defuzz and defluff while you're out and about. Reviewers say it's ultra sticky and effective, and doesn't eat up too much space in their bags (it's about as small as a highlighter).

    30. A flexible pasta strainer that snaps right onto the edge of your pot or pan. If you've ever accidentally burned your hands with scalding water while pouring out your pasta water, this may be your new best friend.

    A person using the clip-on strainer to strain a pot of pasta in their sink

    31. An adhesive slidable tracker that'll remind you to feed your four-legged friend(s). It’s pretty much a must-have for anyone who shares dog duties with a partner or roommate.

    The slidable tracker next to a lightswitch

    32. A water bottle organizer that'll keep your countless tumblers from knocking over and creating chaos in your cupboard. It also makes for a great wine rack, if you flip it on its side!

    33. A rubber broom that can rid your carpets of pet hair, squeegee your windows, and clean up spills on your floors. Reviewers love how it's not just a one-trick pony and say it works better than any regular broom they've tried.

    34. And finally, this petite door-opening doodad that'll save you from touching germ-covered surfaces, like door handles and ATMs. It's made of an antimicrobial blend of metals that kills germs within an hour of contact, so you don't have to worry about carrying them around with you.

    A person using the tool to open their care door

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