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    If You Like Feeling ~Fancy~, You'll Probably Wanna Order These 22 Things

    Add 'em to your holiday wish list.

    1. A pair of martini glasses if you'd pass on a Negroni Sbagliato with prosecco in it and prefer your drinks like Bond, James Bond. They're made of lead-free crystal and have a unique geometric shape, so they'll stand out from the ones you got from the dollar store.

    Two martini glasses filled with martinis and olives

    2. A bottle of TRUFF hot sauce that's a *touch* fancier than Tabasco or Cholula. It's the perfect balance of hot and sweet, and can even be used to amp up cocktails (your Bloody Marys/Caesars are about to get a lot better).

    3. A wax seal kit that you can use to give your holiday cards and gifts a personal touch. It comes with a floral stamper, plus five different colours of wax — you can even mix them together to create a marbled effect.

    4. A champagne bottle ornament if you're straight-up over boring tree baubles and really want to spruce up your spruce this year.

    The ornament hanging from a tree branch

    5. A pack of slim satin scrunchies that'll be a luxurious lil' upgrade from your standard hair ties. Thanks to the soft material, they won't pull at your tresses when you're switching up your hairstyle (IDK about you, but I go from pony to bun at least 100 times in a day).

    A person using a sating scrunchie to hold their bun in place

    6. A three-wick candle if you're ready to kiss tealights goodbye and treat yourself to an upgrade. Reviewers say it makes for a great centrepiece, so you might wanna order one before you start hosting holiday parties.

    The candle on a bedside table

    7. Or a Le Labo set if you want to feel even ~bougier~. Yes, this is a splurge-y purchase, but their scents are famous for a reason.

    The three candles on their box

    8. A set of gold measuring spoons with marble handles that'll level up your baking adventures. I mean, tell me you won't feel like a fancier version of Ina Garten when you're using these to measure out your banana bread ingredients.

    The measuring spoons laid out on a cloth

    9. An incense holder that'll hold your scent sticks while looking like a piece of art. You could also use it as a catchall dish for small goodies, thanks to its bowl-like shape.

    The incense holder with a stick of incense in it

    10. A jar of edible gold lustre dust that you can douse your sweet treats in or swirl into your cocktails. You could also use it to make "potions" with your kiddos at craft time — I'm sure they'll love the sparkles as much as you do.

    11. A tub of Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because regular ol' lip balm just ain't cutting it. This stuff is *seriously* hydrating thanks to the mix of coconut oil and shea and murumuru seed butters, plus it smells like a dream.

    12. A fondue set so you can have ooey-gooey dinner of your dreams. Seriously, everything tastes better when dipped in chocolate or cheese, so what are you waiting for?

    13. A spiral-bound guide to hand lettering that'll help you perfect your penmanship. By the time you've finished all the exercises, you'll be able to craft your own impressive party invites (so it'll probably save you a few bucks, too).

    14. A wine decanter so nobody will know whether you're serving $9 boxed wine or a $50 bottle. Putting your vino in a decanter also oxygenates it, so it may actually end up tasting better, too.

    A decanter next to a cheese board and a bottle of wine

    15. A pack of gold under-eye patches that are packed with rose oil, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to soothe and moisturize skin. They have a cooling effect, so they may help wake you up on an early morning (or after a hangover).

    16. A mirrored vanity tray that'll give your itty-bitty bottles and tiny accessories a place to call home.

    17. A pedestal vase that'll make any bouquet you throw in it look even more ✨gorgeous✨. If minimalist pieces are your jam, this definitely needs to be a part of your collection.

    Several colourful flowers in the vase

    18. A fluffy rug that is, in the words of Sharpay Evans, fabulous. Reviewers also love using it as a chair cover, so it'll be perfect for when you want to jazz up your office chair or make your dining room seating a bit more comfy.

    The rug on a wood floor with a magazine, slippers, and oranges on top of it

    19. A pack of claw clips with a different style for every ~mood~. Thanks to their size, reviewers say they can even hold back the thickest, curliest tresses.

    The five clips laid out

    20. A bottle of luxe Moroccanoil dry body oil that'll bless your parched skin with some serious moisture. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave them feeling greasy and say that it smells, like, stupid good.

    A person holding the bottle of body oil in front of a textured wall

    21. A pack of reusable metal straws because we are about being fancy, not harming the turtles. This set comes with four long straws (two straight and two bent) and four short straws (two straight and two bent), so they'll fit all your tall, grande, and venti drinks.

    22. And finally, a bottle of cuticle oil that'll tend to your cracked skin and nails. Reviewers say it absorbs in a flash, meaning you won't be stuck with greasy mitts forever and ever.

    A person holding the bottle of cuticle oil

    You after ordering everything on this list:

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