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    36 Eco-Friendly Versions Of Things You Use All The Time

    Live your best low-waste life.

    1. A pack of non-toxic, chemical-free sticky traps that'll catch unwanted pests and look cute doing it. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, so whether you're suffering from a fruit fly infestation in your kitchen or an aphid onslaught in your garden, these are sure to come in handy.

    2. A glass water bottle that looks super stylish and will save you from buying single-use alternatives when you're out and about. It has a one-touch flip lid and a silicone sleeve to keep your hands from getting frosty.

    A person holding a water bottle against a wall of flowers

    3. A pack of reusable produce bags, so that you don't have to mess around with the flimsy ones at the grocery store. They can also be used to strain nut milk and to keep your delicates from getting destroyed in the washing machine.

    4. A universal, reusable Keurig cup so you can brew your favourite beans in single portions without creating extra waste. Reviewers say it's waaaaay better than generic brands and is also great for brewing tea.

    A person holding an opened reusable Keurig cup in front of a plant

    5. An electronics-cleaning kit made of bamboo and recycled plastic. The set has everything you need to dust your device, dig crumbs out of your keyboard, and clean your screen. Now your gadgets won't look like a toddler just attacked them after craft time.

    6. A tub of SKINFOOD black sugar face mask, an exfoliating treatment that will scrub out your pores while restoring nutrients and moisture to your skin. Reviewers love how gentle it is and say it leaves their face feeling softer than a baby's booty.

    A tub of the black sugar mask with product spilling out onto a table

    7. A pair of biodegradable bamboo deodorizers that'll keep your shoes from stinking up your entire home. They're packed with activated charcoal that prevents the buildup of harmful mould, mildew, bacteria, and fungi, so your feet will be healthier and happier, too.

    8. A pack of concentrated fresh linen detergent strips that'll clean your clothes without releasing any nasty chemicals into the water. They don't require any measuring, so you can do your laundry on autopilot.

    9. A five-blade razor made from recycled ocean plastic that'll keep your bod stubble free (if that's how you roll). Reviewers say it gives a super-close shave and is more effective than drugstore alternatives.

    Three five-blade razors on a wavy background

    10. A set of rainbow crystal nail files that last ages, so you won't have to toss them out after a few uses, like regular emery boards. Reviewers say they cause less breakage than ceramic and metal alternatives and leave your nails feeling smoother than ever.

    A person holding four nail files in front of a makeup bag

    11. A tub of dishwasher-cleaning pacs made without without perfumes, dyes, phosphates, or chlorine (aka the toxic stuff in most dishwashing products). They're biodegradable and reviewers say they don't leave streaks behinds.

    A tub of dishwasher pacs on the top level of a dishwasher

    12. A ten-piece set of BPA-free glass meal prep containers that are safe to put in the microwave, oven, and freezer. The tops have hinged locks to keep them firmly attached, so you won't face any surprise spills in your bag.

    Three meal prep containers holding orange slices, cucumber slices, and chicken wings

    13. A set of cruelty-free makeup brushes that are made from renewable bamboo and have luxury-quality bristles. Reviewers love how soft they are and say they don't shed at all.

    A set of five brushes displayed on a table

    14. And a bottle of plant-based, paraben-free EcoTools makeup brush shampoo to clean them with. It's strong enough to get all the built-up gunk off your beauty tools, so you don't have to worry about germs.

    15. A jar of spearmint toothpaste that comes in a reusable glass jar, so you don't have to add more plastic packaging to your trash bin. Reviewers say it makes their pearly whites even whiter and leaves their teeth feeling dentist-level clean.

    A person holding up a jar of toothpaste with clouds in the background

    16. A grunge-busting grout scrubber made of bamboo and recycled plastic. The curved design makes it easy to grip when you really want to put some elbow grease into your cleaning.

    A grout scrubber on a counter next to a faucet and towels

    17. A cute cotton tote bag that is a fashionable and reusable alternative to plastic bags. It can hold a whopping 30 pounds, so it won't break even when you've stuffed it full of snacks.

    18. Or a five-pack of extra-large reusable nylon totes that fold up into tiny squares for easy storage. Reviewers say they're easy to refold and are sturdy enough to hold a ton of groceries (like, two of these bags hold what five regular grocery bags could carry).

    19. If you're really into ramen, a noodle bowl made of wheat straw fibre. It comes with a lid to keep your precious noods toasty warm and a rest for your phone, so you can stream shows while you slurp your soup.

    A person eating ramen while resting their phone on the built-in phone rest

    20. A pack of unscented, biodegradable wet wipes that'll banish grime and odours. They're great for camping and outdoor adventures, because they won't create waste if you leave them behind after doing a number two.

    A child holding a wet wipe in a tree and a package of wet wipes on the ground

    21. A budget-friendly fleece sweatshirt that uses 5% recycled plastic in its fabric and is totally pill resistant, so you don't have to worry about it getting messed up after a few washes. Because it's so cheap, it's a great choice for tie-dye experiments.

    22. A trio of zippered cloth pouches that you can use over and over again. They make great makeup bags, pencil cases, and snack pouches, but you can use them for just about anything.

    23. A set of colourful travel flatware, so that you don't have to waste a ton of plastic takeout cutlery. It'll also make your lunch situation the envy of all your coworkers when you finally return to your office.

    Four sets of travel flatware lined up next to each other

    24. A four-pack of microfibre face cloths that'll replace your single-use makeup wipes once and for all. You don't even need makeup remover for these to work — just run them under warm water and get down to business. They'll even remove waterproof mascara!

    25. And a pack of reusable bamboo makeup-removing pads that'll replace your regular old cotton pads. They're machine washable and each wipe can be reused up to 2,000 times!

    26. A pack of lavender-scented dog poop bags made with recycled materials, because you don't need to create waste with waste. They're extra thick and strong, and won't split open when you're carrying a full load.

    A box of poop bags on a leaf-patterned background

    27. A bottle of 100% natural barbeque grill oil that's made with refined coconut oil, making safer alternative to cleaners that are packed with chemicals. It'll remove accumulated grease and residue from your grill to ensure that your favourite outdoor appliance stays fresh and clean.

    28. Bars of solid shampoo and conditioner that are cruelty free and compostable. One shampoo bar is equal to three bottles of liquid shampoo and one conditioner bar is equal to five bottles of liquid conditioner, meaning they'll last you a lot longer than whatever you normally buy at Shoppers.

    29. A pack of metallic stainless steel straws, so that you can sip your drinks in style without hurting any turtles. They're resistant to scuffs and scratches, meaning you don't have to worry about they getting banged around in your bag.

    30. A roll of machine-washable bamboo sheets that are stronger and more absorbent than typical paper towels. They're soft enough to wipe your face with, so you can use them in place of washcloths, too.

    31. A pair of exfoliating konjac facial sponges that will help clear up your complexion, improve your skin texture, and rid your face of impurities. If you're lost, konjac is a plant, so these bad boys are 100% natural, vegan and biodegradable.

    32. A bottle of Campsuds, an all-purpose cleaner that can be used as bath soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap, and pretty much anything else. It's made from all-natural ingredients and citrus-y scent that'll make everything you wash smell like a dream.

    A bottle of Campsuds on a table in front of a spruce branch

    33. A set of mouldable beeswax food wraps that'll keep your food fresh for longer and eliminate your need for cling film. They're also a lot thicker, so they can hold more watery foods, like tofu, without any leakage.

    34. A tub of baking soda-free deodorant cream that smells downright delicious and is perfect for sensitive pits. It's packed with nourishing plant-based ingredients that'll condition your skin and neutralize odours, so you'll smell fresh from dawn til dusk.

    A tub of lavender deodorant cream on top of a tub of grapefruit deodorant cream

    35. A pack of scrub sponges made entirely from wood pulp that are gentle on your hands, but tough on messes. They come with two bonus scouring pads that are great for scraping off stuck-on bits of food.

    A person cleaning a pot, a lid, a plate, and a glass with a scrub sponge

    36. And finally, a set of zip-sealed food storage bags that won't rip or tear like run-of-the-mill sandwich bags. Thanks to their leakproof design, you can store marinades and salad dressings in 'em, too.

    Six food storage bags filled with various snacks

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